The general election: Picks ‘n pans for the City Council

Grace Sefranik
Jennifer Antel

DEAR READERS: You have every right to say I’m just one man expressing his opinion and nobody appointed me arbiter of issues and candidates for the Nov. 8 general election. However, I do attend most if not all meetings of local candidates and as a political junkie, follow the issues. Furthermore, we now live in a news desert, so someone has to express an opinion. Feel free to send Townbroadcast a Letter to the Editor to add yours.

The race for Wayland City Council includes the sad development of a young person expressing interest, but lacking the tools to win. I speak of Grace Sefranik, a young lady who came to this community not long ago and now wants to join the City Council.

Abe Garcia
Joe Kramer

She is running against three incumbent council members, Abe Garcia, Norman Taylor and Mayor Pro Tem Joe Kramer, which already makes her task daunting.

Sefranik, who grew up in Hopkins, was home schooled. She filed for a council seat last June and since then has faithfully been attending meetings. However, when I spoke with her last summer and told her to send me more information by providing my e-mail address, she did not respond.

So that leaves me no choice but to endorse the three incumbents, even though I’ve had issues with Taylor, former superintendent of Wayland Union Schools. And it’s not just because he is an unapologetic supporter of the very toxic Donald Trump.

Taylor and outgoing Mayor Tim Bala voted in support of the local Chamber of Commerce campaign to plant “Back the Blue” signs on public property. If you think the “We stand behind the thin blue line” effort isn’t political, I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to sell you.

Norman Taylor

Permitting and encouraging placement of such signs on public property easily could invite a lawsuit. But the other five council members, with that in mind, rightly voted against the idea.

That’s just one example, but I have issues with the city, even though I regard the body as one of the best and most efficient in northeast Allegan County, mostly because they aren’t bogged down with party politics. This, despite the deteriorating condition of local streets and not plowing sidewalks.

Therefore, I recommend Garcia, Kramer and Taylor to the three open council seats and Wayland’s first-ever female mayor, Jennifer Antel, who is unopposed on the ballot.

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  • I hope who ever wins does not make the Antel $1,000,000,00. walkway to nowhere a top project. Enough parks and play grounds and water parks!! Dont fix the pot holes replace them!!

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