Picks ‘n pans: 3 proposals, county board, state offices

DEAR READERS: You have every right to say I’m just one man expressing his opinion and nobody appointed me arbiter of issues and candidates for the Nov. 8 general election. However, I do attend most if not all meetings of local candidates, and as a political junkie, follow the issues. Furthermore, we now live in a news desert, so someone has to express an opinion. Feel free to send Townbroadcast a Letter to the Editor to add yours.

This particular installment of the “Picks ’n pans” series deals with some issues and races I haven’t covered as yet. So the last in the series will be my recommendations for school board.

Allegan County Board of Commissioners:

Austin Marsman

At first, I thought this would be a no-brainer, however, I have to say I still back Austin Marsman for Fifth District Commission, but his opponent, Republican Gale Dugan, is a cut above the customary GOP candidates on the ballot. Dugan is a hard worker and he just doesn’t seem to be as bat poop crazy on the issues as his colleagues.

Marsman, nonetheless, has my support. I can’t recall in my lifetime observing such an energetic, thoughtful, intelligent and savvy person in the cesspool that indeed is the political arena. His abilities belie his youth, and he exudes the notion to voters that perhaps the time has come for someone with a fresh, new and different approach in the attempt to solve problems.

Despite his youth, Marsman has been a member of the Martin Board of Education, where he has suggested fresh and new ideas.

Marsman has a daunting task in trying to win a seat on a board that has been virtually all Republican over the years, but he has been a terrific campaigner with a winning personality.

Elected State Offices:

Dana Nessel
Gretchen Whitmer

I suppose no one should be surprised that I recommend Gov. Gretchen Whitmer be re-elected, and the same goes for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel. Republicans don’t think so, but I submit all three have done good jobs over the past four years, two of which have been extremely difficult.

The only way I can describe their opponents is, “I think they’re all bozos on this bus.” GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon is little more than a lackey for the House of DeVos. Betsy and Dick had poured millions into Dixon’s campaign, and if successful, our descent into oligarchy will be complete.

Don’t get me started on DiPerno and Karamo, who oppose Nessel and Benson. The former is under investigation for wrongdoing and the other really does bring that bat guano crazy to the ballot. As I have stated earlier, the GOP is no longer a party, but a cult that worships at the feet of Donald Trump, who engineered the failed overthrow of our republic.

Jocelyn Benson

The statewide ballot proposals

• Proposal 1 — I have absolutely no use for any continuation of term limits, a political restraint that has consistently shown to be a failure. After more than 25 years, it simply has made bad government even worse. Twenty-five years ago we had longtime distinguished State Rep. Paul Hillegonds, a Republican. Since then we’ve had a parade of do-nothing lapdogs of big business — Patty Birkholz, Fulton Sheen, Bob Genetski, Ken Yonker and Steve Johnson, all of whom who have served for six years, often leading to other jobs in the public sector in what I now refer to as the term limits merry-go-round.

  • Proposal 2 — I support this fully. Any effort to make voting as easy as possible for us unwashed masses is a good idea because it is the only power we workaday stiffs have. GOP claims about fraud are fraudulent themselves because only a tiny fraction of voters have been found to have crossed that line.
  • Proposal 3 — An issue that may finally decide once and for all whether abortion will be legal. I cannot permit politicians decide this rather than the women who must go through it and the physicians who must guide them. Furthermore, it’s incredible that opponents suggest it’s too extreme when it essentially was the law of the land for 49 years.


  • Hmmm, does it not seem intresting that the current AG’s office starts an investigation of her political opponent just a short time before the election.
    Go ahead, I’m sure I am about to be educated.

    • About the only thing I agree on with the “editor” is the lack of local news coverage. I wish he would stick with that. If you want to call yourself a news agency, report on the local happenings. If you want to be a third rate liberal blog, then just be honest and call yourself that.
      For a “news agency,” spending so much time bashing on a rather large percentage of our population puts you in the same category as CNN. That’s not a compliment; they’re not doing so hot. My hats off to you, though. You must have unbridled energy to so tirelessly promote a party that is so thoroughly failing in so many epic ways.

      I do enjoy the history articles here. They were written by journalists.

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