Rat infestation in Dorr is becoming a health hazard

To the editor:

The rat infestation in the community of Dorr is a serious problem. It’s a health hazard not to mention a nuisance to our properties/belongings.

The people of Dorr have spoken and want to be heard. We need Dorr Township to take action and resolve this matter. We are not here to point fingers or blame anyone in particular. The community has reason to believe the township supervisor is aware of the issue, but has yet to do anything about it.

There have been many complaints about pest control failing to succeed and lots of damage to property without anything coming to resolution. My fiancee and I have set traps and poison in our shed after they ruined our insulation amongst other items. My neighbor has three bait boxes that were filled three months ago.

Terminex was at her house Oct. 24 and the bait boxes were empty in just three months. The Terminex employee said he has never seen anything like it. Several neighbors right here next to the township say they have witnessed several, including the township supervisor. 

It is time for a change. We need answers and we need them fast. Winter is coming, which will lead the pesky rats migrate to warmer places, our homes and sheds.

Please, for the love of our community take immediate action to resolve this issue. Thus far, 49 have signed a petition on change.org and the Dorr Community Page. Let’s get to 100! At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!

Amber Mesik, Dorr Township


  • This is interesting. While I can mildly understand how a city can claim responsibility for rat infestations with dirty streets, large sewer systems, and other underground utilities and infrastructure. What reasonable explanation does one have for making a small town responsible for ridding private properties of rats. Generally the reason for rats is a food source due to negligence. Not taking care of trash, stored pet or farm animal food laying out or spilled frequently, or other easily accessible food sources. I don’t think this is a taxpayer responsibility unless one could prove sanitary negligence on the part of the township.

    Nevertheless, I understand the frustration. Our neighbors had rats when they owned some outdoor animals. As soon as they got rid of the animals the rats migrated to our barn where we stored food for our farm animals. Took me about 2 weeks and 6 traps to finally catch all of them. In the meantime they chewed through wires in cars, wall insulation, stored hay…it was a mess. Quite a nuisance indeed.

    • Well when you build a community in Wilburs back yard and drive out the predators it’s pretty obvious there going to look for that Free meal plan.

  • No worries. This always happens around election time.

    “…they have witnessed several, including the township supervisor. ”

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