Local photographer’s work on bubbles published on web site

Hope Thurston CarterHope Thurston Carter of Shelbyville has had some of her photogrsunrisepb-1-680x450aphy published on the Phoblographer web site.

She posted on Facebook Wednesday, “This is a very first for me, what a wonderful surprise. A big thank you to Chris Gampat at www.thephoblographer.com for taking a chance on me!
“The article about my frozen bubbles can be found here http://www.thephoblographer.com/…/hope-carter-photographs…/…
“For all my photography friends out there, this is a great website for all kinds of information.”
The subject of Carter’s work was bubbles she photographed and the author reported, “Don’t burst Hope Carter’s bubble. Seriously, don’t do it because if you do, she’ll have to start the process all over again, and it’s cold outside.

“Carter has been experimenting with the very precise art of photographing bubbles in freezing temperatures, which was inspired by some classes she helped teach in her children’s schools. She took camera into the freezing outdoors, where she would blow bubbles that would then crystallize, and before they disappeared, she clicked the shutter. No two bubbles are alike. Each gives rise to a different kind of icy landscape.”
Carter was interviewed by the publication about how she became interested n photography and freezing bubbles.

“I got the idea to blow bubbles outside in the winter when I saw several photos on the Internet last year,” she said in the interview. “I was instantly intrigued!  So of course I had to run out and buy some bubble solution and try it out first hand…little did I know what it really entailed.”

Carter has had three sons attend Wayland schools, most recently Perry, who is on the swim team and was a state qualifier in cross country. Of course, she takes photos at cross country, swim and track competitions.

PHOTO: Hope Thurston Carter

This bubble is one of the subjects of Hope Thurston Carter’s photography. She also has been known to take stunning photos of birds and place them on her Facebook page to the delight of her friends and fans.

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