The Muck Starts Here: What should intel agencies do to make us safe?

By Barry Hastings

Larry HampDefense IntelligenceMuckraker Agency

National Counter-terrorism Center

National Geo-spatial Intelligence Agency

National Intelligence Council

National Military Intelligence Center

National Security Agency

National Security Council

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation

These, and (at least) nine other intel agencies, are working hard to protect America every day, unceasingly. Or are they?

It may be they spend more time and effort stumbling over one another in the field, staggering about to regain equilibrium, and accomplishing little of note. Failure of various agencies to share intelligence was the primary cause behind the 9/11 catastrophe; and 9/11 was the primary cause of the police state we find ourselves living in today.

One of the things leading to conspiracy theories about the attack is that Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and Toothsome Smile seemed to have a plan of action all set to go, in the name of George ‘Dubya’ Bush, while that worthy was conveniently visiting a grade school in Florida. Cheney scared him into running while the little hand went completely around the clock face, before he returned to D.C., nearly 12 hours later.

By that time, key provisions of the Patriot Act were already in the hands of GOP Senate and Congressional leaders; CIA, NSA, other spooks, the military, already had their marching orders. As those orders were believed by the conspirators to be unpalatable to most Americans, nothing was said about secret prisons and torture chambers in (half-a-dozen) nations, unconstitutional spying on American personal communications, possible murder, included in them.

Asked a few weeks ago in an interview, if he, Bush, Bumsfeld, and Toothsome Smile had considered the results for any captured Americans (and other prisoners), of their torture program, Cheney whined, “That’s a rhetorical question, and I’m not going to answer rhetorical questions about our policies.” (I wonder what he was thinking as he watched decapitation of several Americans -and other Westerners – via the tube). Probably caused arousal – he seems the type.

He’s the man behind huge (hundreds of billions of $$) no-bid contracts for companies like Halliburton, Blackwater (a company of murdering bastards with big kinship connections to West Michigan’s VanAndel family), Kellogg, Brown & Root (or Kellogg, Root & Brown – whatever – they change corporate names regularly, like snakes change skins). Many more U.S. Companies joined the orgy-raped American taxpayers, and the people we were supposed to be helping in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like the Hydra, they were everywhere — starting thousands of infrastructure projects we paid for, completing few. They left Iraq in far worse condition than before we arrived.

Edward Snowden told the Guardian newspaper, “NSA collects all communications that transit the U.S.,” then added, “There are literally no ingress or egress points anywhere in the continental U.S., where communications can enter or exit without being monitored.” He went on to say that most of the world’s underwater cables, with help from the Brits’ GCHQ, are also being monitored (it was the Brits who figured out how to do it). “Very little information escapes them,” he added. Code name for the project is (or was) UPSTREAM.

This project gives NSA direct access to fiber-optic cables into, out of, and all across the United States. They are, he said, also tapping cables in South America, Eeast Africa, the Indian Ocean. UPSTREAM, with another program, PRISM, let little information escape detection. “In the new era of big data,” Snowden told the Guardian, NSA moved from the specific, to the general — from foreign targeting, to what he described as, “omniscient, automatic, mass surveillance.”

I’m not very excited about the President’s recent actions against Large Peanut-in-a-man-suit. One reason — I really don’t believe NK has the capacity to do it. Second reason — I find it hard to trust the FBI. Come on, now, this is the outfit that named its headquarters building after after one of the three most evil, sinister men in American history. (Guess which: General James Wilkinson, J. Edgar Hoover, General Benedict Arnold.)

James Wilkinson was a man few know anything about. For years in the early 1800s, he was Commanding General of the U.S. Army while spying for the King of Spain and collecting much wampum. Look him up, learn something new.

Third reason — American big businesses are little better than, and likely as bad as, any other criminal enterprise. They’re among the world’s worst bullies (and you needn’t look far to prove it), and absolutely among the world’s very worst thieves.

What the President should be doing, is working to find a way to eliminate North Korea as a military threat to Japan, South Korea, Hawaii (and as his missile technology, and nuclear technology improves), growing areas of the earth we must keep clean enough to support life. Kill him, his military, his supporters now, before he grows too difficult, too dangerous, to confront. One of these days (mark my words), this twerp will wake-up in a funky mood, and nuke his neighbor to the south, Japan, or maybe even the “big island.”

Well now, sleep tight.


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  • It would be a bit clearer if you told your readers that Wilkinson’s better known co-conspirator was Aaron Burr. Not that you seem to be writing for clarity. Using your own nicknames is not really good for informing people.

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