Local officials say no cases of measles reported in Allegan County

Though there have been no reported measles cases in Allegan County, Wayland school officials remind parents of disease symptoms to be aware of, and what to report to your child’s school and health department.

There have been measles outbreaks in the United States, most recently, five cases in Chicago.

Measles is contagious up to four days before symptoms appear, and is contagious four days after the rash appears.

“Please follow school and Health Department guidelines, as well as your physician, about your child returning to school,” school officials stated in an Internet document Tuesday on the web site. “Most importantly, please let your school’s office, or school nurse, know if your child has an immunization waiver. We do have immunization records in our student’s files, however, with older aged students, the school may not know the status of your child’s immunizations. We want to make sure that if there is a case of measles in the district, parents would need to know as soon as possible, and that students who are not immunized are protected.

“Please be aware that if your child is not immunized and we have a case of measles, your child will be excluded from school for 21 days.”

For more information, contact the school nurse at 269-792-2281, extension 1304.

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