Ranger Rick: Now liberals are silent on Harvey Weinstein

It is hilarious to watch the liberals defend their own over sexual predation, sexual appetites, sexual perversions, sexual urges, and just plain old Bubba attacks. I guess Harvey the rabbit of movie fame has come full circle and become a Weinstein. Evidently, Harvey Weinstein can’t keep his hands off women. Sound like anyone else you know? You notice many have come to the defense of poor Harvey, to just as quickly back up once depth and breadth of the sleaze was discovered by the public?

Notice anything very curious?

No mention of Predator in Chief William Jefferson Blythe Clinton when comparing Weinstein to others in similar circumstances. Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly and others are mentioned, but not Bubba. Even Mrs. Clinton is silent, even though she encourages women to come forward when they are harassed or assaulted. Guess she doesn’t care about women assaulted by pal Harvey, one of the largest contributors to her and other Democrat politicians and lefty political causes. She knows and knew about Harvey’s sexual urges, just like she knew every woman Willie dallied with. But Harvey gave her large amounts of cash, so you don’t kill the golden goose of political ambition – cash, cash, and more cash.

Even Donna Karan weighed in, saying the way women around Harvey dress and act, they are asking for “it”! Really? THE Donna Karin of DKNY fame, a fashion designer and loved lefty of Democrat socialists and Marxists? She is the one designing clothes these women wear – oh, I get it — poor old Harvey can’t keep his hands off a woman wearing DKNY designs! That’s got to be it. When they wear Donna Karin fashions, Harvey can’t keep his hands to himself. They obviously drive him crazy with lust.

Can you imagine if poor old Donna was a big Republican saying the same things. The fake news outlets would have scalping knives out and swinging. That would be the only thing they would be reporting on for at least a week from every angle. Interviewing her designers and workers. Interviewing all the many women buying and wearing DKNY designs. Large fires with piles of women’s clothing of DKNY designs.

These phonies are so deplorable. They want to save old poor Harvey, but he’s lost his golden touch – hasn’t had a hit movie in some time. He’s losing money for the company and personally. Now the sexual misconduct stories flood out and now he’s personna non grata. All those years, all the groping and sexual proclivities and romps between the sheets, all known to Hollywood and others in the know, and they fake disgust and NOW he’s a reprobate? This is delicious to a person looking from the outside in at the circus called media. The snakes are eating each other.

The Democrats are falling apart. They have no leadership with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They have an old and weak bench of wannabes. Now one of their largest contributors is in trouble. Scooby Doo, what say you? RUT ROH!

The rotting of America from within continues…


  • Which “liberals”? As of 10-11-17 not the 8-10 US Senators whose campaigns took funds and are taking those amonts and donating to women’s organizations. Not the losing candidate in the 2016 Presidential election or the the last 2 term President to occupy The White House.

    I can’t and won’t justify the actions of people, including actors, directors and media who kept quietand I won’t question the women who got settlements that included a clause that the rerms and reasons for the settlement be sealed.

    Its foolish to believe one political point of view is the sole habitat for sexual predators. They are everywhere including churches, hospitals, schools and police departments. Some like Weinstein hve the means to buy silence.

  • Let’s not forget Donald J. Trump. “I grab ’em by the pussy. When you’re a star you can get away with it.” C’mon Ricky. Get real. I have to think you know better. If I understand you, you love Trump, but hate Harvey Weinstein. Isn’t there room in young angry heart to hate both of them?

    • Would it not be better if we did not hate, ” room in young angry heart to hate both of them?” By all means we need to encourage folks to hate. So very happy the left “hates no one”.
      An interesting what if, what if, Mrs. Clinton was President would the media even report on the Weinstein’s actions? The report would embarrass a progressive President, I think they would down play the reports.

      • Yes, of course it would be better to if we did not hate. I fully agree. I never claimed to be successful in my efforts always to Love One Another. We need to strive for improvement, some of us more than others. My point is that bad behavior is not the sole province of one party. Dennis Hastert was an R. Anthony Weiner a D. Contemptible actions are to be sanctioned, and we should not look the other way or try to politicize it.

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