Advertise With Us

Base rate:

$20 Box/rectangle for 4 weeks located middle of sidebar on home page

Additional Rates adjustments options:

A) Add $15 to be located on the premier location, the header alongside site logo

This is exclusive in that no other ads can be placed here but yours

B) Add $5 to be located at TOP of sidebar so guaranteed viewers see your ad on initial load

C) Add $5 to be viewed on each and every post when viewer clicks on an article page and

leaves the homepage

D) Subtract $5 to be located on the footer alongside website information

E) Add $10 if you need pre-production services to create an ad image for your company

Contact Information:

J.D. Gonzales

Marketing Director, Townbroadcast                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  email me to get an advertising order form and to get answers for any questions.

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