Join Townbroadcast as a Contributor

Townbroadcast would like to invite photographers, columnists and perhaps even a cartoon artist

to join the fun in community news-papering.

Because David T. Young is mediocre at best in his picture taking, he’d like to solicit help from people who are good at and enjoy shooting pictures of sporting events, particularly football, baseball, softball and track for Wayland, Hopkins and Martin High School varsity teams.  Kenny Ritz took fabulous pictures last winter of the Wildcat girls’ and boys’ basketball teams, but that’s because his daughter plays and he is generous enough to share them.  In the past, Hope Carter Thurston has shot quality track, cross country and swimming pictures, mostly because she follows her son’s performances.

Featured columnists for our online paper are people we’ve already solicited because they like to write and they’re pretty good at it.  We would like to feature even more seasoned or budding writers.  We especially like writers who have a particular expertise in a subject, perhaps gardening, cooking, knitting, entertainment or automobiles.

Lastly, we are interested in finding a cartoon artist.  David T. Young almost 30 years ago enlisted David Coverly of Plainwell to be cartoonist for the Allegan County News & Gazette. Today, Coverly draws the syndicated “Speed Bump.”

Townbroadcast cannot pay, but we’re more than happy to identify your contribution in order to give you proper notice to the public.  Anyone interested should e-mail

It’s not going to get you rich, but it might fulfill a need to do your passion or a hobby and give you positive exposure.

1 thought on “Join Townbroadcast as a Contributor”

  1. Marie Whittemore

    I very much appreciate what you had to say about obituaries. In 2000 I returned to my home town of Wayland after being away for over 40 years.

    I was displeased to find the obituaries in the local paper in the middle of the classified ads and along with others wrote letters to the editor to get them on a page by themselves.

    I would like to offer more comments but for some reason the area where I am typing is blue and very difficult to read what I have written.

    Keep up the good work, I especially enjoyed Bygone Days.

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