Army Bob: Are Americans returning to our tribal past?

by Robert M. Traxler

Identity politics, hardly a new phArmy Bob Salutesenomenon pitting one group against the other, rules in our political systems, divide and conquer. If you are a minority and the majority of Americans are a “minority” you are put upon in some way by others or by the government.

How can the majority actually be a minority? We need look no further than women being 51% of the population and yet a minority? Toss in for good measure the 6% or so African American males, 6 to 7% Hispanic males and members of the more than 600 federally-recognized minority groups/tribes and you see the point.

Why divide one American against the other? Because it is to the political advantage of those doing it. Both of the two major parties use divisive tactics, but this column will look at the Democrats, as they paint themselves as the party of the minority, even though it is controlled by mostly rich old white men.

Identity politics fits into the game plan of the Democratic National Committee; if you are one of the members of a minority group, you are oppressed by an unjust American government. Toss in for good measure economic minorities and you can add poor white men into the Democrats’ minority/majority.

The real tragedy of divide and conquer is the inherent hate generated by the tactics. To pander to African-Americans, the very few cases of unjustified killing by police officers has been called an epidemic, and has given rise to the Black Lives Matter group and the ambush killing of at least five innocent police officers.

Only a politically correct mind could justify killing two police officers sitting in a car eating lunch, two minority Americans who had nothing to do with the death of an African American in a different state by a different department. The seeds of hate planted by a political system designed to divide us in the name of fairness and equality appears not to be working. Or perhaps it is indeed working as designed; injustice in the name of justice is counterintuitive, but very rational to the left.

Bob Traxler_0The use of the rich as scapegoats has been used by Socialist/Leftist groups throughout world history. Mussolini, the father of Fascism and a leading Italian Socialist in pre-war Italy; Adolph Hitler, a National Socialist in Germany, and the Soviet Socialists in Russia used rich mostly Jewish folks and the monarchy as villainous vermin in the same way Democrats use rich Americans.

Dividing us into tribal groups is the goal of our friends in the Democratic Party: African Americans, Hispanics, women, South Sea Islanders, poor, educated/undereducated, gay, lesbian, Muslims, atheists, vegans, handicapped, environmentalists, Native Americans, immigrants legal/illegal and more.

If you are a (fill in the blank), you are oppressed by an unjust American government so you must vote for the Democrats who will give you stuff but be complicit in keeping you dependent on them. Identifying as an American without a hyphen is frowned on as it just may unite us under a national flag, an unforgiveable and mortal sin to our left-wing friends. United we stand, divided we fall.

The left wants to redesign the American system of government, eliminate our Constitution and establish a National Socialist/Liberation Theology type of government called Democratic Socialism. Step one, divide and subjugate, make government the only allowable force for good and the people dependent on government, not a free market for our everyday needs. Step two, complete Socialist governmental controls of our everyday lives.

This election, more than in any election in the past, is a referendum on our future; free market Democracy or Democratic Socialism — it is our choice. Socialism always fails, always, even the great Socialist experiment of the early 20th Century. The Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) that was, according to worldwide Socialist doctrine at the time, going to shine a light on the glory of Socialism and bring a just Socialist world government to all. It did not work out very well did it?

The failing Socialist economic system in Venezuela, with shortages and bread and rice riots is yet one more in the long history of failed socialist experiment.

Aren’t we all Americans first? Not according to the disciples of Socialism.

Have you driven the roads in Dorr lately?

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