Is Islamic terrorism now targeting gay Americans?

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The reports of yet one more terrorist attack in the United States have put 50 dead and 53 wounded.

The fact that the terrorist performed the massacre in an establishment in Florida known as a gathering place for gay folks in the area is extremely troubling. The slaughter should be a wake-up call for our friends with a liberal attitude towards Islamic terrorism.

Islamic folks murdering gay folks is not new ISIS/ISIL has shot, burned, hanged and tossed gay folks off tall buildings. ISIS/ISIL celebrates the murdering of good folks who are gay; they post videos of their murders on line to the delight of tens of millions.

This terrorist could not know the religious affiliation of the dead and wounded in Orlando, but the odds of killing a gay American were in his favor. A targeted crime against gay folks should be condemned not only as an act of terrorism but as a hate crime targeting folks because of their sexual orientation. The media elite are in a quandary; they downplay acts of terrorism, but cover a hate crime against any protected group wall to wall.

Just how our liberal friends in the media/Democrat Party treat this cowardly unprovoked attack will be telling. Will they refer to Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism? Probably not. Political correctness is a powerful belief system.

Robert M. Traxler, Dorr Township

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  • Democrats (both President Obama and Mrs. Clinton and the rest of their ilk) have responded as you knew they would – Islam is the religion of Peace, he (the shooter) isn’t a terrorist, it’s “homegrown” terrorism (whatever that means), we have to get rid of assault weapons (he had semi-automatic weapons, not automatic like a machine gun) – elitist, statist, leftist, socialist blather we hear every time these incidents happen.

    The only one with ANY sense in this situation is Donald Trump. Isn’t it refreshing to hear someone speak like he know what the issues are, and how to deal with them? Close the border, build the wall, halt Muslim immigration temporarily – common-sense solutions. A clear distinction between Mr. Clinton’s approach to the problem and a real solution Mr. Trump espouses. How many incidents like this have to happen before people realize the Democrats won’t do anything to protect this country or the citizens?

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