Dorr likely to join Martin Twp. vs. pot businesses

Terry Rios

The recreational marijuana ballot proposal in the Nov. 6 general election was passed statewide, but local municipalities already are showing they want nothing to do with allowing the sale, cultivation and distribution of pot within their borders.

Dorr Township appears poised to be the latest local unit of government to opt out of permitting any marijuana business activity. Township Planning Commissioner Terri Rios brought up the issue Tuesday night, even though the decision is in the hands of the Township Board.

Rios said she’d like Professional Code Inspections to draw up an ordinance prohibiting the sale, distribution and cultivation of pot in the township and she promised to have the Township Board vote on it very soon, perhaps as early as the Thursday, Nov. 29, meeting.

Eric Thompson of PCI said, “This would allow you to control the larger scale operations. I think this is going to end up being very big, but obviously not here.”

Rios said, “In our township, 57 percent of the people said no (on Nov. 6). I think we need to listen to that.”

Commission Vice Chairman Robert Traxler said he personally opposes use of marijuana, but, “It’s going to be a gold mine, like it or not. It’s going to be very profitable. I wish we could let our local farmers have a shot (at growing it).”

The state-wide ballot proposal was passed with about 55 percent of the vote, but it was soundly rejected in Allegan County.

Martin Township last week became the first municipality in this area to prohibit marijuana businesses, but the substance will become legal for personal use as early as Dec. 6.



  • This is not suprising Dorr Township has always looked at potential “gold mines” in a negative way.
    They passed up the ampatheather,the casino, and now more tax revenue from this new industry…
    It seems some believe all the taxpayers in Dorr Township have deep pockets with a never ending supply of money for more property taxes so the township can survive.

    • I had a friend with all kinds of problems, taking 12 pills a day. Went to marijuana on the up and up, went to two pills a day, never felt better. I see the vice chairman is against marijuana. But it’s a gold mine. Sounds like something Trump would say.

      • Marijuana has helped many medically whether anyone believes it or not.
        My question is why does every thing someone says…people have to relate to our President??
        Many persons use the term gold mine, but may not support the gold mine, by using or attending it.
        It just might be time for those on the left to accept the fact our President is Donald Trump…
        If you don’t like it change it at the next election at the present let’s get something constructive done for the Country

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