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Freda’s Fish Fry & More back in business at Gun Lake

The new Freda’s Fish Fry site at Gun Lake.

Remember Freda’s Fish Fry, which had the colorful, if eventually illegal trailer on West Superior used as an advertising sign?

Freda’s is back in business now in the Gun Lake area, just across the street from the Gun Lake Motel on Patterson Avenue south of M-179. Owner Alicia Thorpe is promising to offer many of the same culinary items, including fish and Mexican entrees.

Freda’s had a few battles with city officials over sign ordinance issues. She finally removed the colorful trailer in front of her old business site at the mini-strip mall next to Bentley’s Party Store and then moved her establishment to the west side of North Main Street before shutting down operations three years ago.



  • I hope she makes it work. I bought fish and veggies from her often, always the way you liked it. With Wayland’s double standards some can, some cannot. Need to be in the clique. That trailer was such a eyesore, so much color when Wayland wants just drab.

  • I remember going to Fish Camp some time ago with my sister. We were near Belmont, NC. It was giant pole barn, open only for supper. You could have flounder, catfish, or shrimp, with fries, cole slaw, and hushpuppies. They had iced tea, and even Yankee tea, which was unsweetened. Every picnic table had ketchup and hot sauce, and a roll of paper towels for napkins. The food was both cheap and delicious (especially the hushpuppies). Is Freda’s similar? If so, I’m make the trip.

    • Fredas is off the charts amazing! !
      They have Blue Gill, Lake Perch, Ocean Perch, Catfish, Frog Legs, Alligator, etc.
      Also alot of sides battered in a homemade matter including homemade beer batter.
      Even those that can’t eat seafood, there is a burrito, tacos, etc.
      I am here to tell you, its worth the trip, small dine in area, and u can call our order in and come pick up.
      Yes there is also hushpuppies, fresh hand dipped mushrooms, etc
      Go check,it,out then spread the word of how AMAZING it is!!!

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