Ranger Rick: BLM leader’s wealth unveils hypocrisy

With the outrage by Black Lives Matter over police shootings of people of color, the fund-raising for the “organization” has been fast, furious, and very profitable.  The loose structure of the organization/movement is that way for a reason, so they can receive contributions from individuals, other organizations, and businesses and have loose record keeping.  I doubt they hire many accountants to keep track of where the money goes.

Is the BLM organization considered a non-profit?  In 2020, it has been reported that BLM took in $90 million with $21.7 million committed to grant funding.   Why I ask is the most recent stories about Patrisse Cullors, one of the originators of BLM (the others were Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi).  Patrisse (now her proper name is Patrisse Khan-Cullors) has gone on a spending spree, buying houses .

The self-described Marxist last month purchased a $1.4 million home in Topanga Canyon, which includes two houses on a quarter acre.  The property features soaring ceilings, skylights and plenty of windows for canyon views.  This is one of three homes Khan-Cullors owns in the Los Angeles area, according to public records.

An Inglewood, CA house was bought in 2016 for $510,000.  Another house purchased in 2018 in South Los Angeles for $590,000 for a 1,725 square foot. house.

Last year, Khan-Cullors and spouse Janaya Khan went to Georgia to acquire a fourth home, a custom ranch on 3.2 acres, featuring a private airplane hanger with a studio apartment above it, and the use of a 2,500 foot paved grass community runway which can accomodate small planes.  The Conyers, GA home has an indoor swimming pool and a separate “RV shop” that can accommodate the repair of motor homes or small aircraft.  The real estate was purchased in 2020 for $415,000.

Last year, Khan-Cullors and Khan were spotted in the Bahamas looking for a unit in Albany.  The elite enclave is laid out in 600 oceanside acres, featuring a private marina and designer golf course.  Current homes for sale include a nearly 8,000 square foot, six-bedroom townhouse with media room and marina views.  The price is only available upon request

With her being a committed Marxist, I guess capitalism is only used when you want the finer things in life.  I’m sure she stays “in the Hood” house when she is in Los Angeles so she can maintain her Marxist credentials.

Folks let’s call this what it is, a classic RIPOFF.  BLM is for the few at the top while those with committed feelings for equality and justice are fodder.  It is really communist dogma, proletariat at the top get the gravy, the serfs (comrades) in the trenches get the misery.

You know capitalism is the worst economic system in the world, except when compared to all the others.  Capitalism is the only economic system where people under grinding poverty can work themselves to success through hard work, education and  economic frugality (saving).  If you want success, work for it.

Or you can get into BLM and riot, loot, burn your way to the top… if they let you.  I doubt those at the top of the organization will stand for any other hogs at the money trough!

The rotting of America from within continues…

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