Ranger Rick: Television today puts us on our road to perdition

Watching a popular program “The BRanger Rick Art_7_0_0achelor” or “The Bachelorette,” you would think, at first, it was just good fun finding a “mate,” selecting a man or woman to propose marriage and live happily ever after.

A realist knows it is high falutin’ BS, but to those impressionable young people who are inevitably watching along with or without parents, depositing such trash in a head full of mush probably is not what thinking and moral parents want their children to view and emulate.

Most of the participants in these programs are young, somewhat articulate and good looking – Hollywood at its finest. I’m not a prude, have been around, and am as big a sinner as the next person and pray and need forgiveness for my transgressions. I will be judged by God when my time comes (for those faithless non-believers, you may laugh out loud). But for the life of me, I don’t understand the need for this program except for voyeurism, and at the same time, we as a society wonder where we went wrong.

The most recent participant is a young woman frolicking with young, virile, and mostly handsome men and she has to narrow the selection down to the last two after letting others go through the “rose ceremony,” in which those chosen by the young lady are asked to accept a rose to remain in the running. Those without a rose leave the program that night.

I’ve been watching this program for years and have yet to hear of the actual act of intercourse between couples on the program (or maybe I don’t pay attention?). It has been hinted, but never overtly spoken about and admitted until this year. I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later. But to overtly show the aftermath of the act and surrounding discussion about it by her admitting it happened and she was overwhelmed by the moment and “let her guard down” was over the top.

I’m not maligning her or her actions, we are all accountable for our behavior and transgressions and it always takes two, so he is just as accountable as she. However, what transpired in the show this week was kind of eye-opening. I expect this type of program to be on a pay for view cable or satellite TV format, not a public broadcast on a major channel during prime time where all family members could be watching.

Of course, the emails and tweets started and mainly attacked the young lady for her behavior, calling her unmentionable names and saying her actions placed her in the animal kingdom (I think that about covered it politely). Now I chastise those just attacking her, because he is just as responsible for his actions as she is. However, all the epitaphs that I heard came her way.

While I think it is highly unfair for her to bear those verbal attacks, what did she (and clueless Chris – the host) expect? Praise in displaying her bad behavior for all to see and hear? No personal attacks by anyone? To those old Neanderthals among us who believe sex is a personal issue and private between two people, I am at a loss for words or explanation on what was expected when this issue came up in the program.

What did the program producers and TV executives expect after showing that program segment?

We expect our young people to be of sound mind and make good decisions. When they don’t and have uncommitted sex, we are surprised. With these types of programs and audiences displaying agreement with the actions of the couple, is it any wonder we have single mothers, young men in uncommitted relationships, and “my baby’s momma” culture encouraging and accepting this. I thought as Americans, we should not honor and encourage base behavior.

I know I’m in the minority in this thinking based on the reaction of the audience in the program – most are young impressionable people – more young skulls full of mush. They encourage the participants because they too have had sex and either are taking birth control, or get pregnant and either keep the baby or put it up for adoption or abort it – another stain upon this country. They see nothing wrong with having sex with multiple (sometimes many) partners before they marry or live (shack up) together.

I’ll admit, I’m an old fuddy-duddy, but I’ve had experience in this area. And I wish every day that I didn’t. And I’m sure the two in this program who admitted they had sex wish they didn’t either, with all the guilt and shame they experienced and displayed afterwards.  And then the emails and tweets came in and all hell broke loose.

I’m presuming many of the emails and tweets came from the Midwest, where those people bringing up families are sick of Hollywood bringing filth and scum into their living rooms nightly. I have some suggestions for you, if you are disgusted as I by this type of programming:

  • Write your local station, the national broadcast channel, and producer(s) supplying the program in your area and let them know of your disapproval (or approval).
  • Turn off the TV and take a walk while this program is on. You’ll be a better person for it and you’ll get some exercise, which is more beneficial than watching this trash.
  • For those of you whom revel in this sewage they call a program, I hope you fully understand the error of your ways. If you have a daughter, think of her. If you have a son, think of him. I wonder what the parents of the young man and lady think of their behavior?

Television has become this vast wasteland in which to broadcast crappy and brain-dead shows, those “reality” shows that cost little to make and return riches in many cases. What’s not to like if you’re the producer of these shows?

Television used to be a forum for drama, comedy, and variety shows with bonafide actors and actresses with legendary directors, professional performers and comedians. We’ve come a long way from where we were to “Naked and Afraid,” the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” and other such ilk.   I’m not saying we all have to watch and like “Lawrence Welk”, but Hollywood could sure use some common sense programming and not always appeal to base elements now so firmly rooted in our culture and reaffirmed nightly on television for all to digest.

Instead of inspiring and encouraging the hope, energy, and culture within the arts, Hollywood has cheapened the existence of life, and joined the morally depraved and filthy within our society. We are a better people, but you wouldn’t know it by what is offered as entertainment nowadays. Facts are stubborn things.

The rotting of America within continues…



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