The Muck Starts Here: Will Trump get trumped in GOP race?

by Barry HastingsMuckraker

The Donald. What an ass. A racist. A magnifier of truth, dealer in innuendo. (Hopefully) destroyer of the GOP.

He took off on John McCain a short while ago, saying McCain is not a hero, and giving several reasons for his claims. He claimed McCain graduated at the very bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. Actually, McCain graduated sixth from the bottom of his class.

My question is, how much influence was exerted to get him into flight training? Navy rules are that pilots for naval air are picked from the top 10 percent of each graduating class. McCain graduated far below that lofty class ranking, and by rights, should have been serving as a LT(jg), or Lieutenant (at best), aboard a DE (Destroyer Escort), or a coastal minesweeper, in waters near Vietnam.

No way he deserved to be a pilot with his poor record at Annapolis. Unluckily for him, both his father and Grandfather were naval “heroes” of the Pacific aircraft carrier war, December 1941 to September 1945. His grandfather died shortly after, or shortly before (I’ve seen both stories in print) his ship returned to the states at close of hostilities. His father lived long enough to apply the wrench on the Navy.

It’s very difficult to gather real information on McCain’s military background since his military records are sealed at his request (just like the Shrub’s Texas Air National Guard records). It’s difficult to understand why a hero would have his Naval files sealed. Always deferential when speaking of his POW years (5 & Vz), as in, “I served in the company of heroes,” he basks in the implied self-heroism, while modestly disclaiming the title.

My suspicion: Something happened during his time as POW he’s not particularly proud of, and hopes exactly “what,” won’t become public ’til he’s long in the grave.

Trump also noted the “new look” of Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. He claimed Perry’s new eyeglasses are an attempt to appear “smarter,” or “brighter,” to the voting public. Sorry Rick, until you learn to keep your mouth shut, nothing can help with your record as, “a dumb-ass,” or worse. Trump found the real you.

Try again.

Perry vs. Trump amounts to a stupid clown, versus a filthy rich ignorant clown, verbally and ineffectively pummeling one-another, and making the other 14 GOP candidates seem brilliant by comparisons. Perry’s new specs don’t help him because they sit lopsidedly across the bridge of his nose, and have a decided tilt to his left. Perhaps an un-concious attempt to balance body and brain.

You can leave it to right-fringe Republicans to follow a man like Trumpet. His poisonality is typical of GOP fringe nitwits over the the past half-century; John Birch Society to Tea Party twits. All noise and puppet shows, nothing worthwhile expounded or accomplished. The goal is ever to separate the people, keep them disunified and impoverished, to deny all scientific evidence on many dangers facing humanity and habitat, and lie, lie, lie, about opposition candidates and causes.

Trump is an old circus elephant. Count on him to keep all eyes on the center ring. I don’t see a single good candidate among the 16 now in the chase. The Donald getting press now, but look at the others – Graham, feeding off McCain while trying to build a record as “expert on the military.” He’s not.

And there’s film of him in Iraq with Lieberman and McCain while promoting the failed Petraeous Surge. He appears, “scared witless.” He’s a man who will break under stress. One of the last men I’d want leading me off to war.

And how about fat-boy Chris Christie? Who’d follow such a morbidly obese bully into combat? Rind Pawl? Ditto. Rick Sanitorium? Cruz? Rubio? Hickabee? Jib Shrub? Scottie?

Nope. Nope, nope, no, no. NO. Oh, NO-o-o-o-o-o-o.Larry Hamp

Horse was out of the barn when the ‘cavalry’ arrived

There are several more points I’d like to make this week, among them the outpouring of grief exhibited in Tennesee last week when a bunch of nut jobs turned out with their “private weapons” in case they were needed to defend National Guard Armories, military bases and recruiting offices. The three or four I saw on network TV tape, were old, far overweight (one’s shirt had pulled open below his waist, where his belt rode from being 4, 5 inches too short —his navel looked like one of ’em holes ya see when you pull a night crawler outta the dirt of a mornin’) — real deep.

We don’t really need any dumb-assed, day after the need passed, super-patriot gun-fighters out there protecting military property. Those (top military) nitwits have been talking about likelihood of assaults here for several years (at least several), and hadn’t yet asked civilian authorities for permission to arm (at least some) base/station personnel. Intelligent Design knows we have some marksmen under contract. In better shape (and probably better shots) than the Tennesee lard buckets, as well.

‘Safe’ Enbridge pipeline is 62 years old

The Enbridge people are a bunch of lying nitwits, and our pathetic legislature (I’ll bet folks like the unicameral legislature idea more each day) hasn’t the balls to talk to them “Like a Dutch uncle!” The pipeline Enbridge (and the GOP) are trying to sell as ‘safe,’ is 62 years old. 62 years old. Through those 62 years, many newer surface pipelines have failed. Between 1999, and 2010 (eleven years), Enbridge reported 800 spills.

Believe me, if the big spill happened next week, the horse’s asses in the legislature would fall on Enbridge like ravenous wolves, howling, snarling… feeding. Lesser carnivores (lawyers, big law firms, contractors, manufacturers of conduits) would enjoy their share later. In this state you can bet the weight would fall on the middle class, and on the working poor (i.e., most of us). Close the line at the westernmost U.P. Terminus all the way across Lake Huron, ’til it’s in Canada. If they want it, so be it — but not in or even near our critical Great Lakes water ways, rivers, lakes, and streams.

Many folks believe Winston Churchill was little better than a slobbering connoisseur of Cognac as he neared the end. Yes, he liked his brandy (and deserved as much as he desired), and was as eccentric as Englishmen get (very). But he inspired English men and women to one last heroic national moment, and kept them at that high pitch from late 1939, til the war was won in spring 1945. And in his last years, he foresaw, “The Empires of the future, are empires of the mind.” Who is going to inspire us? Trump? Christie? Huckabee? Jeb? Or Hillary?

I certainly hope I haven’t completely spoiled your day.

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