Martin Twp. Clerk Rachelle Smit running for state rep.

Rachelle Smit with “The Pillow Guy,” Mike Lindell.

Martin Township Clerk Rachelle Smit has announced she will be a candidate for the 80th District State Representative currently held by Republican Mary Whiteford.

Smit has served as Martin Township Clerk since she was appointed in the fall of 2015 to succeed Carrie Coburn.

Her Facebook page says, “Smit is a Christian who holds strong conservative values. She was born and raised in Grand Rapids. She has been married to her husband, Dave, for 21 years and they have three adopted boys and also fostered several other children.

“Rachelle is a proud mom and Grammy to all of the children that God has placed in her life. Their family is uniquely built and she feels extremely blessed by the family God has given her. The experience and challenges that accompany adopting and fostering children of diverse nationalities has equipped her with compassion and has helped to shape and mold her into the person she is today.”

Smit, a graduate of Tri-Unity Christian High School, is regarded as an unabashed supporter of former President Donald Trump and has refused to wear a mask, even during public meetings at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. She and her husband, Dave, and three adopted sons live in Shelbyville.

Whiteford (R-South Haven) is being term limited after serving more than seven years in Lansing. She won a special election to succeed Cindy Gamrat, who was expelled from the State Legislature.

The 80th District currently takes in all of Allegan County except Leighton, Dorr and Wayland townships and the City of Wayland.


  • First we need to know her real last name, Smit or Smith? Next, we already know she is a conspiracy theorist and supporter of lies. Supporting the man who tried to throw out our fair and legal elections and then cited the insurrection of the U.S. Capital! People like this needs to be weeded out of politics in order to keep our democracy in tact.

  • So Jon when someone has an R in front of their name, They all of a sudden become a conspiracy theorist And a cheater. I will have you know this woman is neither, And is exactly the type of person we need in politics. You Jon And all your liberal cohorts Do nothing but preach tolerance While being the most intolerant group among us,

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