Ukraine actually presents us with a just, moral cause

ACHTUNG: This is not a “fair and balanced” article. It is an editorial by the editor.

I do not support U.S. military intervention in Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. But I do believe this is the first instance since World War II of a conflict our country could get involved in for geuninely moral and just reasons.

More than 60 years ago we were told that we needed to get involved in the Vietnam Conflict because the South Vietnamese people were in danger of losing their freedoms. What we weren’t told was Ho Chi Minh led the revolution to expel the French from that country and then we stepped in to divide the nation in two because Ho was a communist. Essentially, we turned a war of independence into an extension of the Cold War against communism.

Though President Richard Nixon embarked on a “Pacification” policy to have South Vietnamese soldiers handle more of the fighting, it took only two years for North Vietnam to capture Saigon and unite the North and South in 1975.

We had been told if Vietnam fell, communism would spread to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. And we were told Vietnam would become a puppet of the Soviets and Chinese. We were told wrong.

We learned too late we weren’t really welcome over there.

The Gulf War almost 20 years later also had its propaganda and false marketing. We wound up spanking Iraq and defending a feudal monarchy in Kuwait. We won, but victory wasn’t long lived.

After the U.S. was attacked by a small group of Muslim extremists on Sept. 11, 2001, we were told the culprits were Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, we were told wrong.

Most folks I asked didn’t know that 15 of the 19 nuts on those planes were from Saudia Arabia and four others were from Egypt.

Not long afterward, then-Vice President Dick Cheney told us about the Iraqis, “They will greet us as liberators.” Again, we were told wrong. We were greeted as invaders and occupiers, even though bin Laden and Hussein were tyrants.

And Afghanistan has a long history of being the land were military empires go to die. We somehow thought we were the exceptions and the Afghan people would greet us as liberators, but it didn’t take long for its local government to collapse and enable the hated Taliban to seize control.

It is my firm belief that our foreign policy has gotten it wrong for more than a half century, and the results have been a once powerful empire slipping into decay.

Now comes Ukraine, which has the unusual significance of being a country of people who genuinely seem to want to establish a democracy and shed the yoke of its oppressive neighbor, Russia. These people have demonstrated fierce resistance against horrible odds.

They have shown us that indeed, they would “greet us as liberators.” So a noble cause presents itself and all we can do is impose economic sanctions. And, for once, we seem to have the rest of the world on our side.

I repeat: I do not support U.S. military intervention because the wages of such a decision might lead to nuclear war. I totally support anything short of sending in troops to combat what Ronald Reagan once called, “The Evil Empire.”

So, to the Ukranian people, we send thoughts and prayers and declare we’re rootin’ for ‘em.

I am again haunted by the words of columnist Coleman McCarthy: “If violence really solved problems, what a peaceful world we’d have.”


  • With the importance of the Ukraine situation, sky rocketing inflation, the southern boarder totally out of control………..What is our Senate spending time on today? I am glad you asked………How to abort more babies………..All the lives lost to Covid, the loss of lives to a useless war, and in America we are discussing how to kill more babies……….This is sick……..


  • Mr. Editor,
    Your words “We had been told if Vietnam fell, communism would spread to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.” The peace loving government, the Democratic Kampuchea in Cambodia were Communists and murdered 3,000,000 people per Doctors Without Borders , from 1975 to 1979.

    • . . . the “Communist” government of Vietnam invaded Cambodia and helped overthrow brutal mass murderer Pol Pot. It stomped and stopped an invasion from the People’s Republic of China. Seems the “Communists” of Vietnam were better at defeating real nasties than we were . . . and they used our captured army equipment more effectively. Now Vietnam is a major exporter of clothing to the U.S. Funny how all the old white dudes who screamed “communist” to further their political careers and shut down the anti-Vietnam War protestors were horridly wrong! Ho Chi Min, as a young man worked in the U.S. and deeply loved the American Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. He only wanted to free his country from the French occupiers as we, in the U.S. wanted the British Empire gone. The U.S,. like any other countries, has had its share of purposely blind, self-serving, doctrinaires who have caused enormous damage to civic good and cost lives and still are. Long live the ideas of wise Ben Franklin who said, “I give you a Republic if you can keep it.” The U.S. now is in the greatest danger of losing it since the war of the slavers against democracy during with the Civil War. Ironically, many of the same states are still causing U.S. trouble today! History doesn’t repeat itself, human behavior does.

  • It appears that history has a repetitious cycle of plague, war, and then famine- with more war. I can’t help but feel this propagates off from emotionally charged ignorant selfishness. Ukrainian exports of wheat and corn make up 12% and 13% of the worlds supply, if they are unable to farm this year, what happens next? If you didn’t put your seat-belts on two springs ago, it may be wise to locate them at this point. I gather the path forward may continue to be bumpy for awhile. Although, I remember a time when a “particular side” appeared to feel that seat-belts were unnecessary. Something about history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

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