WHS Ukrainian foreign exchange student still safe

Olya Schenky with her American mother, Connie VanHouten.

Wayland High School graduate and foreign exchange student Olya Schenky remains safe in Germany after fleeing her native Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion six weeks ago.

She posted on Facebook today, “I received many messages asking to where I disappeared. But I decided to take a mental break from everything and try to recover. Many times I tried to reduce the times I am checking the news, or thinking about the war, but unfortunately, I found it hard to do.

“One month on, I feel better because my family and I are safe. But the feelings of deep sorrow, anger, and resentment toward anything Russian will be there for long. Once I felt a little better, I came across this news (disturbing). How the Earth can bear Russian fascists? May they all burn in hell!”

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