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Wayland school bond info meeting is Monday night

Wayland Union School District officials are inviting the public to an informational meeting about the Aug. 2 primary election bond issue.

The session will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 25, at the high school media (library).

The district is seeking help on the bond proposal from individuals and groups, to serve as members of a steering committee.

The bond issue in the August primary election will ask voters to approve a $48.5 million plan to construct a new swimming pool and perform repairs and renovations to other building in the school system.


  • IF you do support this bond issue, how in good honest discussion can you look at your neighbor and say it will not cost you any more money? I am guessing the steering committee will not tell the taxpayer that we will not have this paid for potentially until 2047.


  • You are correct the Bond will have a payoff period of 25 years and 10 months to be exact. However, the Bond issue will NOT increase the current Debt levy of 8.4 mills. The funding comes from the increase in property taxable values in the district plus the payoff of other Debt issues in the next two years. This Bond is a neutral bond (or 0 mill increase) to the taxpayers; therefore, NO increase from this Bond will be on the taxpayer’s bills. The current Debt levy of 8.4 mills remains enough to make these initiatives and improvements and will for the term of this Bond issue as projected by the district’s financial analysts, PFM.

    As always available for questions and good conversation.

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