Army Bob: Give Ukraine the tools to finish its mission

by Robert M. Traxler

We are being told by the Russians in Ukraine that they are fighting the Nazis and fascists in Ukraine; the Ukrainians tell us that they are fighting the Nazi fascists in Russia? In the United States we are told that American conservatives and Republicans are fascists and Nazis, also racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, bigots, Neanderthals white supremacist/nationalists (even African Americans who are not properly woke). 

The Nazi/fascist label has come to be the other side of the conflict, be it war or politics. It is past time we stop using the label indiscriminately and incorrectly. Fascists, as defined by the father of the theory, is a socialist nation that allows religion and nationalism. Benito Mussolini broke with the pure socialists he grew up with; his father was a national leader in the Italian socialist party and objected to religion and nationalism, as did the party.

Benito, a teacher and journalist/publisher, became nationalistic when fighting in WWI and knew that Italy, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, would not follow an atheist movement. He developed the fascist party; most Italians approved of fascism, and it became the model for the more than a dozen nations that adopted fascism.   

The late Rush Limbaugh counseled conservatives not to call the liberals communists. His point was that once you did, no one would listen to you, because it was too over the top. He was correct, and we need to see that philosophy adopted in the Nazi/fascist moniker. No form of government can function in its purest form, and all are a hybrid; traditional socialists will tell us as fascism allows God and love of country, thus it is not socialism — really? 

Regardless of what the two sides in the war in Ukraine are called by the other, the Ukrainians have held off the Russians longer than the French held off the Germans in WWII. The French army was larger and better equipped than the Germans; they had the home field advantage, more tanks, aircraft, artillery, and better tanks and artillery, but lost in six weeks.

Army Bob Traxler

The world is in awe of the Ukrainians and we all should be. The tendency is to blame the poor execution of the invasion on the Russians, and they did make two classic mistakes, underestimating the resolve of their foes and not properly supplying their forces. However, the credit goes to the Ukrainians, who are attacking while outnumbered, and winning. The standard rule is that an attacking force must outnumber the enemy forces at the point of attack by at least four to one; Ukrainian troops are attacking larger Russian forces and winning back lost ground, a very impressive action. 

A recent change of command of the Russian forces in Ukraine placed General Aleksandr Dvornikov in command, an officer NPR refers to as “the butcher of Syria.” General Dovornikov’s command of Russian forces in Syria saw a greater use of mercenaries and indirect fire weapons; he used cluster munitions and flame munitions more liberally than the general he replaced, and made war on the people, not just combatant forces. 

This war will end in one of two ways. Either the Russians will occupy some of the areas of Ukraine east of the Dnipro River and call it part of Mother Russia, an act that repeats history, or the Russians cut and run from Ukraine, something very unlikely with President Putin having an 87% job approval rating in Russia and most of the world supporting him, either actively or passively.

Please keep in mind that the Chinese and Indians, the majority of the world’s population, are actively supporting the Russians (predominately economically), replacing Western Europe in the world markets. The Russian ruble hit a two-month high in April making up its post-invasion losses. At least three other nations have sent troops (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan), token forces to be sure, but military support, making it a multinational force and giving President Putin political cover. 

The outcome of the war on Ukraine will shape the world for decades to come. If the Russians and their allies win and annex a third of Ukraine, it will be step one in the ongoing re-emergence of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and a cold war.

To quote Sir Winston Churchill, “give us the tools and we will finish the job.” We need to give President Volodymyr Zelenskyy the tools he needs so that Ukraine can finish the job.  My opinion.   


  • Bob, you say “In the United States we are told that American conservatives and Republicans are fascists and Nazis, also racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, bigots, Neanderthals white supremacist/nationalists…” I don’t think that, but I do tend think, that most racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, bigots, Neanderthals white supremacist/nationalists tend to vote republican. I’ve voted for republicans before, and may do so again, but I admit I look at republicans with a some bit of skepticism. The events of the insurrection of January 6th, 2021, did nothing to alter my view.

    • Mr. Basura,
      Thank you for the comment. A phrase that was stated after 911 was that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all of the 911 terrorists were Muslims. Sounds like your analogy to Republicans.
      Please look at the January 6th, 2021, protest in the light of truth. The media reported for weeks after Officer Brian Sicknick’s tragic stroke, two days after the 6th, that he was beaten to death by a mob; the DOJ and Capitol Hill Police reported it as well for weeks, all a lie, and they all new it. No weapons were found, and no one was arrested with a weapon, but it was reported as an armed mob for weeks after. During that summer leftist protesters tossed Molotov cocktails at police, but those were reported as peaceful demonstrations.
      DOJ, the Capitol Hill Police, the DC coroner, the leaders of the House and Senate, all new the truth of Officer Sicknick’s death, but kept the lie going, even using it to help impeach President Trump. The Democrats and media all lied and kept lying for weeks to stir up hate, so please forgive me for not believing the Democrats or media. And don’t get me going on the Robert Hunter Biden laptop lies and cover up.
      Thanks for the comment.

      • Robert,

        Your pesky facts once again are right on point. I would like to see 2030 or Longstreet refute your facts……….


          • Atleast 12 slam dunk facts in the column. If you do not read the column how do you know?
            Thanks for the comment.

  • I agree it is time to stop using the terms Nazis and fascists indiscriminately.
    I also think it is time to start using more accurate terminology to describe certain socially advocated programs, such as “Defund The Police.”
    Just as there are people who would willfully and incorrectly describe a political platform opposite to their own as Nazi, there are people who would just as willfully misinterpret the intent of the poorly misnamed movement to reallocate some policing and public safety monies to related programs within local police departments.
    It IS far past time to cease and desist with inflammatory labels.
    It is far past time to quit with derogatory name-calling, like “libtards” and “Rumpsters.”
    Civil discourse used to mean (an ought still to mean) using accurate language that is non-inflammatory, unemotional and careful (meaning used with care).
    To do otherwise is non-productive and moves nothing forward.
    To do otherwise is reactive rather than proactive, and does not serve to raise us to a higher level of discourse.
    Assigning blame and casting aspersions is counter to what we ought to be doing to heal the rift existing today.

    • Ms. Mandaville,
      Agree, the name calling is over the top, it appears to be greater in the liberal media but it is ten to one libel to conservative media so we hear it more from the left.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • “It is far past time to quit with derogatory name-calling, like “libtards” and “Rumpsters.”

      Hmmmmmmm, NOW you want this to stop. Interesting the four years of President Trump you rarely or almost never called him by his title. You can’t have both ways sweetheart.


      • Mr. Wilkens,
        I did not call the former president names. I did refrain from using his honorific, because I did not believe he deserved it in my opinion pieces.
        There is a distinct difference between name-calling and not using a title.
        And calling me “sweetheart” is a great example of the type of language to which I refer.

  • Mr. Annable,
    I used to say things like are in your comment then I went into 4th grade. Time to grow up Gar.

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