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Elias Brothers Big Boy seems to be indeed closed

The Elias Brothers Big Boy Restaurant on West Superior Street near the U.S.-131 expressway indeed appears to be closed permanently.

Tonya Lyons, administrator of the Wayland Community Chapter Facebook page, commented today, “Yes it’s true Big Boy in Wayland is closed permanently! Just thought I would post this since we’ve been getting this question asked a lot!”

Townbroadcast wrote in an article seven months ago: “Credible word on the street is that the Elias Brothers Big Boy restaurant on West Superior Street near the U.S.-131 expressway will close soon to make way for a Culver’s franchise restaurant. There was no information about whether the eatery and building were sold… It is widely believed that the death Aug. 2 of Manager Brian J. Smith hastened the development.”

There has been no confirmation about Culver’s coming to town, but it is expected that some kind of restaurant will move into the facility.

Officials with the eatery gamely tried to recover after Brian Smith died, but it was only open mornings and early afternoons, severely limiting its dining and money-making opportunities. The Big Boy franchise has been struggling in other communities as well, notably in Grand Rapids where the restaurant building off the Pearl Street exit may be razed.


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