Army Bob: Jan. 6 hearings divert from Biden’s failures

by Robert M. Traxler

Inflation at 8.65 percent, gas at $5.26 a gallon, diesel at $5.75, interest rates up, a $467 reduction in purchasing power per month on every American family. However, that is not important; we must concentrate our anger on the January 6th riot in the District of Columbia. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the Jan. 6  “terror attack” resulted in “almost 10 dead.”  To say the American left has cooked the books in this equation is an understatement. The fact checkers at do not say it is false; they stated, “we take no position in the debate over whom to include in the deaths from the riots.”

The mainstream media use a figure from one to 10, so let’s look at the numbers. Included are a drug overdose, four to five D.C. police officers’ suicides weeks and even months afterward (suicides that were not line of duty deaths), two heart attacks and one shooting death an unarmed five-foot-tall woman killed by a Capital Police officer who is referred to as a hero, and a stroke two days after Jan. 6. 

How many times can the media lie to us, and the 32% hardcore left blindly believe them? “Officer David Brian Sicknick was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher and died on Jan. 6, and the crowd was an armed mob on Jan. 6,” all printed as facts, and many fact checkers in the media still do not say it was wrong or not a fact.

“Come on Man!” Officer Sicknick died of a stroke days later and his autopsy showed no blunt force trauma. The District of Columbia Police officers that sadly committed suicide weeks and months after Jan. 6 were included in the count. What ever happened to the reports of two bombs planted in the capital area? Placed by the protesters? Related to the protesters?

No firearms were seen or seized on Jan. 6. Hundreds of hours of video were viewed dozens of times, frame by frame, by experts at the Federal Bureau of Investigation found no, zero, firearms or illegal weapons; however, for weeks afterward  the media reported it as an armed insurrection, terrorist attack and murderous act.

The American economy is bad and getting worse; leftists deny it or try to shift the blame, but just go shopping or fill up your car if you can afford it, and tell yourself it is all the fault of Covid-19, Vladimir Putin, evil energy companies, shipping companies or the Tooth Fairy, but not President Biden’s truly ill-advised energy policies.

The Jan. 6 hearings are covered wall to wall by the media to divert our attention from the war in Ukraine; our President was fine with it as long as it was a small, not massive, invasion of a sovereign nation by the Russian Federation?

Army Bob Traxler

Many on the left have said gas should be $15 per gallon to help the transition to solar and wind, most recently Steven Colbert, but it has long been a goal of the radical left. Are we ready for $15 a gallon gas? Can the economy survive without going into a full-blown depression? No, but who cares? We must save the planet before the 2030, which irrefutable scientific fact says will be the end of the world, as were the three past “end of all life on Earth” guarantees before it. We must believe climate change or be called a damned science deniers and if you denied the science, treatment for cancer should be withheld; socialism in action.  

The Jan. 6 hearings are meant to divert our attention from the pain the economy is bringing to every American family, with the annual income reduction of more than $5,000 per household. As Rush Limbaugh called them, the liberals’ willing accomplices in the media are working hard to divert our attention from the pain President Biden’s policies have, are and will cause you and I to look to the Jan. 6 riots.

The media show is also designed to destroy President Donald Trump. They tried the paid Russian agent hoax, and the two impeachments with the false charge that he was behind the attempt to overthrow the government, both false. The Democrats and media even used the death of officer Sicknick as part of the impeachment, knowing full well that he was not beaten to death.

Do they have no shame? All is fair in the march to socialism.

At the gas station yesterday, someone had posted a sticker on the pump a picture of President Biden pointing to the cost per gallon with a caption “I did that.”

The truth hurts Mr. President; unleash the American energy industry and begin the end this ongoing economic tragedy. My opinion.


    • FRWF,
      I think your characterization of Mr. Traxler as a traitor is uncalled for. He is expressing his opinions, not seeking to overthrow the government.
      Please consider a more tolerant reaction to his personal feelings about our unsettled times.

  • We really do have a mental health crisis in the country. People still support trump. The tough time we are going through does not negate what happened on Jan 6.

    • Ms. Deb, I’ll take a mean Tweet any day, cheap gas, and a roaring economy compared to your president who is a doddering, dementia patient intent on destroying this country.
      Maybe, just maybe, you are a fool or have been fooled into voting for the idiot (I’m giving you the benefit of doubt, but doubt you deserve it)

  • FRWF,
    Please explain just what is treasonous in the column? The comment is typical of the socialist movement, name calling anyone who disagrees. A traitor according to many in the leftest movement is anyone who disagrees with the Socialists, politically correct position. If treason has been committed please go to the Assistant United States Attorney and place a charge or have the decency to explain what you are calling treasonous. The penalty for treason is 5 years imprisonment or the death penalty, do not use it flippantly.
    The Constitution is a pesky document it allows free speech and decent.
    If this column is a trigger or makes you feel uncomfortable I make no apologies, making you feel uncomfortable is not a crime let alone treason, yet.

    • Same ole same ole always blaming others, but if you need a explanation didn’t you take a oath? And I think it’s about time you see a professional, oh maybe like a psychologist! You’re obsession is getting the better of you.

      • FRWF,
        I do not understand what you mean? “Same ole same ole always blaming others, but if you need a explanation didn’t you take a oath?” What in the hell does that even mean? My oath, I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” It was given to me by my late father a retired army veteran, and an oath I had the honor to administer to hundreds of outstanding Americans, so Mr./Ms. FRWF, what was violated? Please try to make sense this time around.
        DTOM got canceled once again; be glad you are an obnoxious leftist and have free speech in this publication unlike a commentator on the right. Liberalism is dead, replaced by socialism, sad.

        • Mr Gless explained it pretty well .So what is sad is your pathetic attempt to justify that the countries problems are socialist or leftist and your blind to see that president Trump attempted to commit a coup to try to destroy this country do you denie that yes or no?If no there for the violation of to defend the constitution against all enemies forgien and domestic comes into play. So I’ll make one last comment Thank you Mike Pence!

        • The oath you took was to that President of choice or current President. I understand the oath is for a lifetime. I also understand that military personal are not to be political. So belittling our current President is breaking the oath. Tread boy got canceled because he dos not respect other peoples’ views. Call me what you want, I am not a dem or a rep not a socialist either!

          • Mr. Longstreet,
            The charge is Treason, FRWF or you have not said what was Treasonest. Even under the UCMJ the charge would be disrespect not Treason and what I said would not fulfill the burden of proof for disrespect,
            Active duty military are by tradition not political not veterans or no veteran would hold elected office, common sense is not so common with you and WRWF.

          • AB I did not mention treason nor disgrace, nor did I mention the other no-name commenter. I asked a question. If you want to belittle, also that’s fine. I know you are never wrong?

  • Mr. Young,

    I may be spitting into the wind, but it seems to me that DTOM is reverting to his previous self with comments that do not add to the positive discourse one might desire in this publication. I find the name-calling a distraction as well as unnecessary vitriol. Maybe he would benefit from a time-out?

  • The three hearings this week have laid out trump’s disgusting coup beyond a shadow of a doubt. Trumpee cultists can continue to bury their heads in the sand, but everyone else now knows the absolute truth at odds with your delusions. It is time for righties to acknowledge their grievous error. trump is an enemy to the United States of America, and he and dozens within his administration need severe prison sentences.

  • Never been a democracy. The United States is a republic. For you educated mutts … you ain’t so smart!
    President Trump was the best president in our lifetime. We now have a vegetable as president and is utterly destroying the country. To those of you liberals, socialists, and all other regressive, Trump is not your problem…dementia Joe is! You voted for this disaster, YOU OWN IT! What a bunch of hateful idiots.

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