Army Bob: Only amending Constitution can save Roe

by Robert M. Traxler

Roe v. Wade is no more.

As I have written in this column before, abortion is not in my top five areas of concern, but it is on the top of many folks’ list of concerns. This column maintained more than five years ago that the pro-abortion folks need to revisit Roe and use a more defendable argument than “a non-viable tissue mass.” It was a matter of time before that indefensible and truly dumb argument was overturned.

The left needs to amend the Constitution to end the debate. Why they do not is puzzling. One can only determine it is because they wish to use the issue for fund-raising and election purposes.  Determining if the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a good or bad thing is up to each of us to decide, but the only way to end the battle is to either accept the Supreme Court’s decision, or amend the Constitution. 

To the socialist/progressive movement: people, think about it; if you send billions to the Democrats, and they pass federal laws mandating abortion in all states and territories they will be unconstitutional. You are being sold a bill of lies; abortion will not/cannot be made constitutional without an amendment. You are being hoodwinked/lied to and extorted.

If you wish to send money to the Democrats go ahead, but do not think a law can become constitutional if it is unconstitutional from the start, as liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated it was. Accept the fact that you must either accept the Supreme Court’s decision or amend the Constitution. To the 70% who want abortion in some form, you have the power if you wish use it. In the last 50 years an amendment could have been passed 50 times.     

“Defy the Supreme Court’s ruling” was one of the numerous mantras of the media. Aren’t these folks the very same who said Roe was the law of the land, shut up and get used to it? Once again, why don’t they shut up and work to amend the Constitution, as the 13th, 14th and 15th, ended slavery? The Suffragettes worked to pass the 19th amendment to give women the constitutional right to vote, a constitutional solution to issues that divided our nation for decades. 

In the past number of days, the media was wall-to-wall criticizing the decision, with many talking heads saying, “ I have not read the decision, but it will deny all contraception, put the government in our bedrooms, ban gay marriage, interracial marriage and not allow anyone to travel from one state to another to receive an abortion.” Just how that last one would work is a mystery. What do the states and federal government do? Set up check points at every airport and state line giving pregnancy tests to all people (not just women as men can give birth, per the Surgeon General)?

Army Bob Traxler

The media covered protests at Associate Justices Clarence Thomas’s home with white people yelling at the house, screaming among other things he is a racist, bigoted, sexist who wants to end interactional marriage. Interesting, since Justice Thomas has been married to a white woman for decades. Indeed, Google anything to do with Justice Thomas and stand back for the broadside, not only him but his extended family; the hate is palpable.  

Will the socialist/progressive movement channel their anger into a campaign like the historic and heroic Suffragettes did? Will the anger be used to repeat the history of the 19th amendment? Will the socialists/progressives work as hard as two of my ancestors did to amend the Constitution to give women the vote? Probably not.

I watched 16 hours of MSNBC and CNN and not one person, none, called for an amendment to the Constitution, but asked you to send money to the Democrats and pro-abortion organizations to pass laws to reinstate Roe v. Wade. To all the socialists and progressives, wake up and read history. Slavery and women’s voting rights were the issue of their time; constitutional amendments put both to bed and we moved on.

If the issue is so vital, follow the law, follow the Constitution, and pass an amendment. Or is it about money and power but not abortion? My opinion. 


  • Bob, you say that “Determining if the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a good or bad thing is up to each of us to decide . . .” Not so much.

    • Mr. Basura,
      The nation is in two camps, those who agree with the SCOTUS and those who do not. The point was some think it is proper to abort a child some think it is wrong, the court can say if it is legal at the federal level or not but you and I can decide if it is in our opinion it is a good or bad thing, not legal or illegal at the federal level. Thanks for the comment.

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