Ranger Rick: An interesting story about 2 different (?) ‘Bills’

Ranger Rick Art_7_0_0Hillary Clinton is showing her hand in the game of political poker. Mrs. Clinton is losing support, so what does she do? She pulled a real knee-slapper — pushing for programs for rape victims. This from Mrs. Clinton, of all people!

Not that rape is a laughing matter – it certainly is not. Any “man” seeking sex without a woman’s permission and using force is a scumbag and should be prosecuted for any and all offenses committed before, during and after the act and subsequent arrest, trial and incarceration, if found and proven guilty.

For Mrs. Clinton, of all people, the facilitator and enabler of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton’s ally cat ways with women, his continual whoring and dalliances with those willing to have sex with him and those unwilling that have come forward with testimony of forceful sex (rape), groping, and/or fondling himself while asking for sex from the following respective women: Juanita Broaddrick , Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. And last, but certainly not least, Monica Lewinsky – an admittedly willing participant in Slick Willie’s advances and subsequent sexual act(s) – a low level intern clerk servicing a superior – the President of the United States.

Beyond the workplace sexual harassment by a superior, Ms. Lewinsky kept the dress that had traces of Bill on it (I’m trying to keep it clean, although the thought of Willie being a lecher and scumbag, distasteful (not a pun) as it is. Ms. Lewinsky never admitted that may have been the only thing that proved her claim to having relations with the President.

She was in love with the guy, or so she said at the time. She was a willing idiot, and she didn’t even understand she was being used only for his sexual gratification at the time. Her life was ruined by our glorious former Democrat president. A president who is championed by the media and never, to a large degree, asked any questions about his past and present personal contacts with women other than his wife.

Most recently, the Secret Service detail to protect the former president revealed Bill has a frequent female visitor by the code name of “Energizer Bunny” and are instructed to let her in when she arrives. They like her too, since she brings freshly baked cookies. Of course, Mrs. Clinton is never in the vicinity when she is there.

Mrs. Clinton stated during her address; “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard, the right to be believed, and we are with you as you go forward.” I guess everyone but Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones?   Remember the “vast right wing conspiracy” Mrs. Clinton declared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer about women making claims about her husband?

But since Bill Clinton is the darling of the Democrat Party, the “first black president” and promoter of anything left and leftist, it falls on deaf ears because of the willing and promotional liberal media.

However, another Bill – Bill Cosby – is seen as a has-been TV star, philanthropist, and image as a good family man, is now destroyed. Did he do what was implicated? Doesn’t matter, the statute of limitations of the alleged crimes of raping women using a “date” drug is expired. Were the women convincing? I have no reason not to believe what they said and continue to say about Mr. Cosby. Did Bill do what they said? The public has already ostracized him and any activities in which he may want to be involved is now beyond his control. His career is over, without a conviction or trial. The national media killed any future he had left. Was it fair?

Maybe, maybe not, but we’ll never know for sure, although I suspect he may have done what was alleged.

One Bill allegedly commits crimes and the women claim what he did. He is revered and honored by the Democrat Party and the willing and ever panting media.

The other Bill allegedly committed crimes, women claim what he did, and is ruined through the media.

Maybe both Bills should be in prison? What a concept!

Does that say anything about Mrs. Clinton, media culture and the Democrat Party hypocrisy?


The rotting of America from within continues…


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