Recommendations for the Aug. 2 primary in review:

George C. Wallace

“He (a Denver Post or Baltimore Sun editorial writer) is just one man… and you’re on man, and one woman. Your opinion is every bit as good as his.” — George C. Wallace on the campaign trail in 1968

“I report on what I see and hear… and sometimes I comment on it.” — Me

My keen grasp of the obvious is that the primary election will be held from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, same day registration still is legal.

Townbroadcast has made recommendations on voting over the past several weeks, but it might be useful (or annoying, depending on your point of view) to survey my endorsements.

Wayland Union School’s Bond Proposal

The most important item on the ballot will be the Wayland Union Schools’ $48.5 million bond issue that proposes to build a new swimming pool that will have an all-important domino effect and, according to Supt. of Finance and Operations Patricia Velie, will not increase the current annual bond millage. Instead, it will increase the length of the bond by 25 years.

Here is a summary of the projects:


  • Windows and doors

Improved Learning Environments

  • Updated Furnishings and Technology in all buildings.
  • Updated Restroom Facilities (Pine, Baker, Dorr, Steeby)
  • Middle School roof repairs/replacement and window and exterior door replacement (older wings)

Career Tech Opportunities

  • Upgrades to our current wood and auto shops at the High School
  • Improved spaces for Robotics, STEM, Automation, and CAD lab

Fine Arts Improvements at WUHS

  • Create larger space for Band & Orchestra to accommodate increasing class sizes utilizing existing pool space
  • Allow Choir to move to existing Band/Orchestra room
  • More room for instrument and uniform storage

New Pool for District and Community Use

  • Current pool  is beyond its “useful life” (48 years old)
  • The diving and swimming areas are too shallow to accommodate MHSAA Swim Meets
  • A new pool would be used for both athletics, elementary PE swim lessons, and community use 
  • New design would make it easy for both young and elderly access entry (featuring a zero entry pool-no steps-ease of access).

Athletic Upgrades

  • Restore the mat room for youth wrestling practice, cheer practice area, community education classes
  • Athletic field improvements (repair the grass varsity soccer fields due to drainage system deterioration) WUS fields are the only fields for all athletics in the City (AYSO, intramural, etc.)
  • Existing locker room space will be remodeled into public restrooms and changing area for current fitness center.

Yours truly has suggested a “yes” vote for the bond.

Rachelle Smit

State Representative

I have issued an endorsement for the candidacy of Martin Township Clerk Rachelle Smit, despite her bat guano crazy politics, because she’s done a good job as clerk. However, I refuse to recommend all other State House candidates  in the 79th and 43rd districts because “They’re all bozos on this bus” and there is no difference between any of them on the issues. They all genuflect at the altar of Trump.

State Senator

I refuse to recommend voting for anyone in the races for the 18th and 20th districts, except for Ryan Mancellini, who doesn’t appear to have a chance, but at least he recognizes the problems of climate change and the War on Drugs.

Other issues and contests

Ryan Mancellini

There are three Republican candidates for Fourth District Allegan County Commissioner, which includes Hopkins and Monterey townships. The incumbent is Max Thiel who will take on challengers Scott Beltman and Stephen Young. My nod goes to Beltman because of his impressive grass-root effort for county-wide ORVs. Young has been a candidate as a member of the U.S. Taxpayers Party and has strong ties to the Tea Party. I’ve had enough of bat guano crazy right-wing politics.

Millages I recommend supporting are for senior citizens services in Allegan County and renewals for fire services in Yankee Springs and Martin townships.

I also support Henika District Library’s request for up to 1.5 mills for Yankee Springs residents to use the library for free.

Watson Township Trustee John Caris and Dorr Township Treasurer Laurie Perry both are incumbents without opposition in the primary.

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