What is the truth about the departure of police chief?

“You can’t handle the truth.”

ACHTUNG: The following is not a “fair and balanced” article. It is an editorial by the editor.

I have long railed against the common modern process of officials dancing around or avoiding the truth in the public arena, a process I’ve called “corporate lying.”

I just might have read, seen and heard it yet again recently in these parts. The trouble is, I really don’t know the truth because those controlling the message are very skilled in keeping things away from the Pesky Press.

Earlier this year, I was contacted twice by an anonymous source who insisted I watch very carefully what happens with now departing Police Chief Mark Garnsey. The source maintained Garnsey would be accused of running afoul of the legal system.

Now comes the news that Garnsey is stepping away from police work after a lengthy career and he has resigned his chief’s post in Wayland. He made plenty of nice comments about this community in his departing Facebook posts.

But there are those who maintain Garnsey is being investigated for embezzlement. I have no idea if the contention is true or false, and the chief’s most recent employer, the City of Wayland, isn’t providing much information, except that he has resigned, perhaps “to spend more time with his family.”

City Manager Josh Eggleston, normally a pretty straight shooter, replied to my question about Garnsey’s abrupt departure thusly: “Mark Garnsey’s separation of employment was due to a resignation not a termination. The City does not comment on personnel matters nor would it provide comment on any potential investigations.”

A City Council member I contacted said essentially the same thing — a cautious acknowledgment of the resignation, but nothing more. If either wanted to clear Garnsey’s name, they could have flatly denied that he is under investigation, but they did not.

My anonymous sources, however, insist this is a real situation, stating, “A source close to the department stated he (Garnsey) has been fired from his past few jobs… being investigated by FBI for the past three months… weapons taken from him… locks changed.”

Mark Garnsey

I must admit I was taken aback by the announcement of his resignation or retirement, or whatever.

I now recall that the council from a decade ago refused to say why Dan Miller was fired as police chief. It also wouldn’t say why former City Manager Chris Yonker was dismissed. Yet more examples of telling the public, “You can’t handle the truth!”

I respond with another part of pop culture — “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

It seems the best way for me to lose friends or get into trouble is to tell or seek the truth.


  • As the employer, the city can’t say anything negative about a employee. But why was he hired by the City of Wayland if he has a record of being let-go from previous jobs? Sounds like the City of Wayland has trouble making good choices hiring people.

  • Editor,

    You are making lots of assumptions based on anonymous sources. You are traveling down a slippery slope. I would rather read about facts than potentially smear someone’s name based on hearsay. Interesting point, in Dorr Township you did your best to belittle Stanton and Tuinstra to protect the treasurer from the embezzlement. Typical double standard you operate under.


  • Mr Young
    David..David…David when it comes to people leaving positions in the local communities. It is best to leave those stones unturned.
    Does the public really care? Obviously not, in a matter of weeks the names of those persons. Much like the secrets hidden under the stone will be forgotten.
    Yes you are correct….we the public can not handle the truth. Leave the stones alone, and the stench will remain hidden.

  • How interesting that accusations against a lawman get such a long blog. Yet when 2 felony charges are brought against a former elected local government offical nothing is written, until someone posts a comment. Hell… kinda reminds me of the “accurate” reporting on npr or cnn. My estimation.

    • Sir
      Dorr township as opposed to the City of Wayland doesn’t care. It was only money and no one is really sure how much it was, besides it was probably an “honest oversight”. Townships have larger stones that are harder to overturn. There are residents still in shock that a “glorified ” junkyard is going in at the expressway.
      Just wait for the huge surprise they will express when the reimagine trash complex starts construction.
      As the old saying goes ” No one cares till the cows fail to return to the barn”.

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