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Deputy won’t face charges in fatal shooting of motorist

The Allegan County Sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed a 22-year-old motorist after a traffic stop in Monterey Township June 22, will not face any charges, according to County Prosecutor Myrene Koch.

The deputy has stopped Joseph Nagle, 22, of Comstock Park, on suspicion of drunk driving, authorities said. A fight ensued during a field sobriety test and Nagle died when he was shot once in the chest by the deputy.

Michigan State Police was asked to review evidence and conduct an investigation, after which it was determined the shooting was “justified under the extreme circumstances.”

Authorities said Nagle was agitated during the sobriety test, and began to assault the deputy.

During the struggle, the deputy told investigators he feared he would lose consciousness and was afraid Nagle would kill him.


  • Would feel a whole lot better about this unfortunate incident if Allegan County would have all their patrol cars equipped with dash cams and deputies equipped with body cams that would haves shortened the timeline of this investigation rather than using public funds of multiple parties to reach this conclusion.

    Reliable dash cameras used by law enforcement and body cams have dropped in price. Even the cost of digital storage has dropped. Allegan County was fortunate this time but there will be a time someone screws up and the victim (or survivors) win a wrongful death/injury law suit. That kind of judgement / settlement will make the cost of cameras and storage look like a bargain.

    • Well said Couchman I also would like to know why they’re dragging ass on outfitting these officers with body cams when they got 140 thousand in funds back in January. These are tools that could saved a lot of people money and grief on both sides.

  • Who was the deputy? Or is this information classified……..I truly do not understand the procedure in a case such as this.


  • Mr Wilkens
    Does it really matter what either parties name is. Unless someone has a motive of retaliation names are not critical for the public.
    Both families are going through enough without being bothered by the general
    Hopefully you are never involved in an incident where someone has died. If you are than you will understand my reasoning.

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