Army Bob: Democrats have become party of Wall Street

by Robert M. Traxler

The influx of “migrants” from the socialist haven of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is puzzling; indeed, the influx of “migrants” from the Republic of Cuba is equally as puzzling. Both are bastions of the glories of National Socialism, and people are jumping off the socialist ships of state in record numbers?

To the good folks on the progressive left, why? To the advocates of out-and-out socialism, why has 13% of the nation’s population departed the socialist utopia of Venezuela since the “Glorious Revolution” started in 1999? Why is the number increasing each year? 

Our friends in the media are calling the governors of southern border states human traffickers for sending migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities and states mostly in the north: New York City, Chicago, the District of Columbia, Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. They seem to ignore the fact that the federal government under President Joe Biden has sent thousands of migrants north by aircraft in the wee hours of the morning for almost two years.

The good folks in the media see no double standard here, none; common sense is not so common in the progressive/socialist media. The good uber-rich folks in Martha’s Vineyard went ballistic, with one elected official stating they have no room or services for the 50 migrants/refugees from Venezuela. Isn’t it a resort community with more than 50,000 empty beds this time of the year? Could it be the overwhelmingly white and affluent rich and famous progressive folks were not so keen on poor brown people joining them? 

The open, caring, loving folks in Martha’s Vineyard and the State of Massachusetts called out the National Guard to deal with the “emergency” of 50 asylum seekers, who were promptly packed off to a military installation. The mayors of The District of Columbia and Chicago, among others receiving hundreds of the poor and downtrodden sent by the states of Texas and Florida, declared an emergency.

Some 2.2 million on the southern border are not an emergency, not even a serious federal problem; it cannot be a problem because the southern border is secure — just ask the federal government and our president. 

A small Texas town, roughly the size of Martha’s Vineyard non-seasonal residents, is seeing 50 times the migrants/asylum seekers/undocumented persons dumped on its streets by the federals each week for years. It is not an emergency or a problem? Go figure.

The media is in crisis mode, rationalizing the horrible, despicable actions of the Florida and Texas governors. Words like slave traders, human traffickers heartless and cruel are used liberally, but the media is mute when it comes to the tens of thousands the President Biden administration has sent to cities, in many cases the same cities in which the mayors are declaring an emergency and calling out the National Guard. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?

The progressive media machine is in double spin cycle trying to paint the two potential candidates for president, the Governors of Texas and Florida, as inhuman fascists, when President Biden has done the same thing? Denial is not a river in Egypt, my media friends. 

Army Bob Traxler

Never forget that inflation is zero, gas prices are great, the border is secure, immigration is not a problem and won’t be until after the midterms, when the mainstream media will suddenly discover the 8% plus inflation rate, the millions of people illegally crossing our southern border, crime exploding, and the catastrophic fentanyl death rate being the number one cause of death for our young. 

Please remember that the standard accusation the media made for the last 70 plus years is that the Republicans are the party of Wall Street and the corporate lobbies; uh, not any more, Mr./Ms. Media.

To protect the profits made from China, who massively pollute for us, and to reduce greenhouse gases in the United States while increasing the pollution worldwide, the corporate executives jumped in bed with the Democrats. President Donald Trump placed tariffs on China and the corporate world quietly went ballistic, even, or should I say mostly, the new Silicon Valley billionaires. They saw profits going out the window, so they generously gave to the party that would protect their profits and trillions in investments in China.

Manufacturing in China is incredibly profitable for the tech corporations, or most corporations, and the green lobby can pound their chests, rich with corporate donations, and give each other awards for environmental accomplishments in the United States while corporate profits increase.

The Democrats are the party of Wall Street and corporate America, and massive increases in worldwide pollution, though the progressive media will never admit it. My opinion.


  • Robert,

    I can hardly wait for progressives here on Town Broadcast AZ, 2030, Longstreet, and Young to refute the facts and make a case for their cause.

    I will make the popcorn. This should be good……….


    • WASHINGTON, Sept 2 (Reuters) – The Biden administration said on Friday it will keep tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese imports in place while it continues a statutory review of the duties imposed by former President Donald Trump.

      The U.S. Trade Representative’s office said in a federal notice that it received requests from companies and other interested parties to maintain the “Section 301” tariffs imposed in 2018 and 2019. The comments were collected during the spring and summer.

      Based on the 1974 trade law under which the duties were imposed, USTR will move on to a formal review of whether to keep the tariffs in place, a process that could take months.

      The Biden administration had been considering whether to remove some tariffs as a way to reduce inflationary pressures.

      Reuters reported last month that consideration of this move had been put on hold following China’s military maneuvers near Taiwan after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit

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