Yes, Townbroadcast plans to do election picks ‘n pans

ACHTUNG: The following is not a “fair and balanced” article. It is an editorial by the editor.

’Tis the Silly Season, and newspapers traditionally have made endorsements of political candidates and issues just before elections. Townbroadcast will continue this tradition for several reasons.

Some may ask what right does David T. Young have in blessing or cursing anyone running for office; what makes him any more qualified to comment than any other Joe or Jane Q. Citizen? Who authorized this sacred power?

No right and no one.

I am perhaps the only human being in northeastern Allegan County who has attended all or most meetings in which local political figures have spoken and voted. I certainly have my own agenda and I make no claims of being objective. Nobody is objective. Those who tell you so are lying.

I have routinely written editorials that are clearly labeled so, as opposed to articles. I live by the creed that, “I write about what I see and hear. And sometimes I comment on it.”

I hereby propose to those who don’t like what I write to send a letter to the editor to dyoung880@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to make sure you are heard or read as well.

Over the past several weeks, I have heard and seen comments from citizens who haven’t made up their minds yet about who to vote for or against. They need or want more information. My endorsements and criticisms are simply meant to provide food for thought for those who care enough to gather whatever information they can.

It should be no secret that we live in a news desert, particularly after the Penasee Globe, nee Wayland Globe, went belly up three years ago after 135 years of publication. Community journalism is dead in some areas and on life support in others.

“But nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.” — The late great comedian George Carlin

Some believe we should have been treated to candidate forums or issues forums. I disagree.

In my 50 years as a community journalist, I have come to the unpleasant conclusion that such forums are nothing more than dog and pony shows that may entertain us, but don’t inform us. Conspicuous in its absence is frank discussion of the issues, overtaken by a beauty contest.

The news business, particularly in the broadcast arena, has become more entertainment than serious journalism. We are told what network executives think we want to hear, not what we need to hear.

With that in mind, I make no apologies in case I offend someone. I plan to call ‘em as I see ‘em. “Deputy Dave has no friends.” I just hope that readers and editorial subjects don’t take what I write personally.

I may be asking for too much. 


  • Mr. Editor,
    Sir, your words “I certainly have my own agenda and I make no claims of being objective. Nobody is objective. Those who tell you so are lying.” So true, the media is and has been mostly allied with the left-wing, progressive, Socialist movement, as is the Town Broadcast, no mystery in that statement. Your call for all of us to vote and donate to the Democrats over Dobbs v. Jackson decision ended any facade of impartiality.
    Please continue your up front disclaimer that this publication is not impartial, it makes you more honest than 99% of the “liars” in the media who maintain they are impartial, less than 7% identify as Republicans, they must be the staff of Fox news.

    • There’s over 1,500 right wing radio stations across America and a half of dozen on tv or cable not to mention all the christian network stations . So we’re the hell do you get your brain washing from?

      • FRWF,
        We have 15,406 AM/FM radio stations, are all of them right wing?? Perhaps you need to check before you write?? The numbers I used were checked, we can not say that for your incorrect statement/statements.
        Have a great day, stay dry.

        • AB how many of radio stations are left or socialist as you like to point out, please put the list of them. And why are all of the right wing on AM stations? Good luck!

          • FRWF,
            Your words, “And why are all of the right wing on AM stations? Good luck!”
            Rule one, when you are in a hole you can not get out of, stop digging. Fox News radio is on 500 FM radio stations. A few seconds on google could of saved the embarrassment.
            Have a great day and stay dry.

    • Once again. old AB fails to answer the questions, and I find it amusing for someone who always complains about liberals that he uses a liberal news source to post his opinion with all his so-called knowledge. I can’t understand why he doesn’t get a group from his fan club together and start your own publication. Once again, he keeps looking for those socialist radio channels and let us know. So dig a little deeper.

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