School bond proposal will help local senior citizens

To the editor: 

It’s important to take care of our aging community and create local opportunities for them  to congregate and enjoy each other’s company learn something new and share laughs and camaraderie.

As coordinators of the Wayland Leisure Life program, the local grassroots senior citizens’ organization, we ask our fellow community members to consider us as you make your decision about the upcoming school bond vote.

We meet now in the conference room of the Wayland Transportation Building on Wildcat Drive. While we are grateful to the school district for its generosity over the past nine years, we’re busting at the seams! Such a great problem to have! But we also have been encroaching on space for school bus drivers, who already and need the the transportation building area to to prep for their afternoon runs.

Passage of the bond proposal will give this wonderful group of older citizens a place to call home. A YES vote will give us and the entire community and update and designated space for meetings and activities, plus more parking, including much-needed handicapped slots and easier access to the building.

We will be able to expand what we currently offer and serve more seniors with space that accommodates entertainment, exercise classes, learning opportunities and much more.

We appreciate that our community thus far has been so supportive of Wayland Leisure Life. By approving this bond request, its support will continue support local senior citizens with a new facility for the future progress of this group.

It’s for your parents, grandparents and maybe in the not too distant future — you. All deserving of a YES vote.

Lisa Gulch, Co-Coordinator

Nancy Kanoza, Co-Coordinator


    • Mike, Apparently some believe we live in the middle east or perhaps Nevada. Gee…. there are no lakes and or bodies of water in Allegan County that one may swim in. My opinion.

      • Hello again David,

        Apparently some are not able to understand that the local bodies of water are only realistically occupiable for about four months out of the year. Aside from that, they are not generally a good place to safely learn the skills necessary to swim.

        A fair amount of folks don’t have the time or resources available to get to “the water”.

        Swimming and other water therapy activities are immensely and uniquely beneficial. This major benefit is especially true and crucial in the middle of the winter.

      • Jake:

        I am sure they can fill in the hole and repurpose the structure for another use for far less than $40 million and the ongoing costs of operating and maintaining a pool.

        If they wanted to keep the sports theme they could do indoor tennis, racketball, or pickleball (all senior friendly activities too!)

  • It is probably far to late in the game to change the ballot proposal specifics. I guess we will find out where we are when the votes are counted boys.


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