Chances of school on Monday as low as the temperatures

Snow blowerThis stubborn cuss continued to blow out his driveway Sunday afternoon in the face of near-blizzard conditions that was dropping between six and 10 inches of snow on Wayland and West Michigan. There were reports that Martin absorbed a beating of 13 inches. A Facebook message from the Leighton Township Fire Department said, “Avoid going out on the roads today if you don’t have to. Driving conditions are very poor this morning. If you must go out, drive safe, pay attention, and avoid distractions. Stay safe my friends.” Wayland High School teacher and varsity girls’ basketball coach Marty Howard asked his colleagues on Facebook to guess who would call off school first Sunday and put his bet on Bloomingdale.  As it turned out, Wayland, Hopkins and Martin had called off school for Monday by early Sunday evening. (Photo courtesy Shelly Sulser-Kehrle)

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