Dorr solar ordinance public hearing will be held Oct. 17

The Dorr Township Planning Commission Tuesday night set a public hearing for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17, on a proposed solar energy systems ordinance.

The commission and Professional Code Inspections have been working on the issue for several months, but finally decided to take it before the public next month.

The ordinance’s purpose is to make solar enterprises, both personal and commercial, “subject to reasonable conditions that will protect the public health safety and welfare.”

Solar structures will be limited to land zoned agricultural, through individuals can erect panels on their property as long as they meet specifications of being at least 100 feet away from another property and no more than 18 feet in height.

However, Jason Derry of Professional Code Inspections indicated he has not yet received any serious inquiries about solar energy.

Commissioner Larry Dolegowski went one step further, maintaining that, “Personally, I don’t see this happening in Dorr Township. There’s too much good farm land.”

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the commission held lengthy discussion on a proposed mining and soils ordinance, but decided against acting now. Derry said the ordinance is modeled on Salem Township’s, but commissioners said they’d like to have PCI check with other area townships and what they do with gravel and soil mining regulations.

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