Army Bob: Progressives to support mining of lithium?

by Robert M. Traxler

“A deposit of lithium recently discovered along the Nevada-Oregon border may be among the world’s largest, having potentially huge implications for the transition to electric vehicles. Volcanologists and geologists from Lithium Americas Corporation, GNS Science, and Oregon State University reported their findings in a paper for Science Advances, published Aug. 31.” According to an article on Fox News Business.

Well, the question is, will the socialist/progressive movement embrace the news as a leap forward in the rush to electric vehicles, or will they find a way to restrict the mining of lithium as more dangerous than a nuclear holocaust and a new Black Death epidemic combined? Mining in Africa is fine, mining in Asia is fine, but mining in our nation, even given we can do it with less pollution than another nation, is Armageddon. 

We have seen a sprint to move drilling, mining, manufacturing and agriculture offshore to save the planet. We have seen the environmental movement embracing the Silicon Valley nouveau riche and quietly embracing the folks at the corner of Broad and Wall streets in New York. We have seen the leftist movement move heaven and earth to ban drilling for oil and natural gas in our nation while importing it from around the world by super tanker, burning tens of millions of gallons of fossil fuel.

Can someone in the media ask our government how this is the best thing for the environment? It’ll never happen with the cancel culture in force.

The ball is in the court of the leftist media (90% of the media). Will they attack the mining of lithium in our nation as an attack on an endangered fish, bird, plant or some other reason, or will they embrace the mining of a vital rare earth metal? Will they cheer that the ore will not be transported halfway around the world burning fossil fuels?

“Come on man,” it depends on how much the mining corporations pay off the progressive movement. A tithe of a few hundred million a year should do it.  We have all seen how it works; mining and polluting in third world continents killing hundreds of thousands with toxic air is fine, as they are mostly Asian, and Asians are not the most politically correct group, especially in our nation, because as a group they are industrious and successful. 

Army Bob Traxler

A few show battery plants are planned in our nation; will they ever open? Who knows? The watch words of the socialist media are, symbolism over substance, do as we say, not do as we do. Save the planet by polluting it even more in other nations and transporting products and materials using fossil fuels is fine, even though the end cost in carbon is huge.

The socialist/progressive movement and Democrats in general are prostitutes to the nouveau riche and massive corporations, turning a blind eye to massive pollution in Asia and Africa that kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. If the Silicon Valley and Wall Street folks pay up, the leftists will shut up.

The amen corner in the climate change church is full of the folks who were part of the ‘save the planet’ movement before it became ‘save the planet by polluting and generating more carbon in third world nations’ movement. Just how stupid is it to ban energy production in our nation, even hydroelectric, but import it from around the world, burning millions of gallons of fuel?

Time for the progressive/socialist movement to explain just how that works. Will they? Never happen.

Mining lithium in our nation will save energy and reduce carbon, but who cares? The leftists will not allow it; they will find some obscure reason to ban it and add to the end of the Earth as we know it, assuming you believe the global climate disaster folks’ predictions of the end of life in 2025, 2030 or 2050. My opinion.         


  • Uh-Oh!? Mr. Bob is making up imaginary problems again. Must be a slow news day over at OAN.
    Tilting at windmills seems to be your favorite hobby!

  • Must be that you have never seen wind turbines or solar panels. You should get out more. Have you conservatives ever given any thought to where the materials come from to build a gasoline powered automobile? And I know, wind turbines are killing all the birds and causing cancer.

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