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Martin man speaks at rally for clean energy in Lansing

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters had a rally at the Capitol building in Lansing Tuesday, attempting to spread the message of a 100% clean energy future. The focus was on solar energy, utility accountability, energy efficiency and equity focus. Among the speakers was Austin Marsman of Martin, a member of the local Board of Education.


  • I want to see asphalt or concrete made with out fossil fuels. This agenda will drive manufacturing out of Michigan. To compete with the world fossil fuels and nuclear power is what is needed to provide reasonable priced electricity.

  • With new advancements in technology and innovation New Jobs are being created with renewable engineering such as nuclear fusion which eliminates the radioactive waste , graphene oxide is also being used in road construction to replace the old method of asphalt the UK has a extensive testing period for road project using this material. The problem in this country is the old dinosaurs that control the current industries will do everything in their power to make sure renewables and innovation never make progress.

  • Can you provide any quotes from the speech. I am waiting with great anticipation, hoping to glean some of the vast wisdom already. My opinion.

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