Yes It Is, It’s True: More chaff, not wheat, from the Internet, Part 3

I’ve already posted two “Yes It Is, It’s True12196318_10154320394844240_5014822116610269222_n columns on the subject of flat-out lies told and distributed widely on Facebook. I like to note them, store them and then share them with readers. I’m not as thorough as, but sometimes I see and r11800044_852468984872476_6415131018409090889_nead things that I just know immediately are not true.

As a seeker of truth, I share part three of what I’ve unearthed:

Just before Halloween, I was amused by receiving two very different political cartoons about trick-or-treating. In one, a Democrat tells the kiddies at his door that he’s going to take half of their candy and distribute it to the lazy and unworthy. In the other, the Republican trick-or-treater threatens to take all the candy for their own good and keep it for himself.

Even the less than politically astute can figure out what’s going on here. But I fear we have finally reached the point in which our two major political parties are wallowing in bickering and resentment toward each other, so much that they cannot accomplish a whole lot in terms of legislation.

The enemy no longer seems to be foreign. The two major political parties seem more interested in making the other look bad rather than solving very serious problems for America.

gaspumpsThe cartoon with the gas pumps was the most recent. I saw several Facebook posts making the round about a gas station on the east side of the state that supposedly refused to sell gas to a serviceman. It added that the owner of the station was a Muslim.

Then I recalled that Grand Rapids Restaurateur Tommy Brann very publicly announced on his sign outside his eatery that film maker Michael Moore was not welcome at Brann’s. Brann was as anti-freedom of speech as the Muslim gas station owner allegedly was.

Yet it turns out the whole story about the gas station was false, as reported by Snopes. But for a short period of time, the gas station unfairly lost business. And I will not eat at Brann’s.

The other two cartoons I p14548_10151220075508089_1843572389_nresent deal with God and religion in the schools.

Notice the two people talking about how God didn’t stop the the infamous shootings at an elementary because He’s not allowed in schools. That argument is preposterous because we’ve been taught God is everywhere and is omnipotent and all powerful, so He should have been there to stop the carnage.

The other is a snarky cat talking about the idea of letting God Religion in schoolsand religion into our public schools. But the devil is in the details because we have so many different interpretations and denominations we’d could argue endlessly over what should be taught. And other Internet cartoons insist Sharia law and Muslim beliefs should never be taught in the classrooms.

Sounds like somebody should insist the kids get their religious instruction at the church of their choice.

I’ll keep on looking for alarming, silly and amusing cartoon commentary and continue to share them with readers. Stay tuned for Part IV.

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