Bob Wagner steps down as plan commission chairman

Bob Wagner
Dan Beute

Bob Wagner, chairman and a member of the Dorr Township Planning Commission for more than half a century, has stepped down as chairman, but will serve instead as vice chair.

Wagner, who was first appointed to a seat on the commission in 1968 and then took over as chairman in 1975, is being succeeded by Dan Beute, who has been chairman since Wagner encountered health issues that have kept him from attending meeting until February.

The two men met privately to discuss this matter and they agreed to elevate Beute.

Wagner said, “Dan’s been doing a wonderful job over the last eight months. I don’t think it would be fair for me to just take it back. It’s time for Dan. He’s done a tremendous job.”

Beute, a lifelong Dorr area resident, was appointed to the commission nine years ago, succeeding Melissa Harding. He brings expertise in construction, contracting and project management. He was employed as a project manager with Weller Truck Parts.

A group of three Dorr Township Board members three times has attempted, but failed  to block Wagner’s renomination. Led by Trustee John Tuinstra’s championing term limits, they have been foiled in 4-3 votes every time. 

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  • Bob and Dan are both class gentlemen and public servants, the Planning commission is in very capable hands.
    Mr. Wagner is the edamame of an outstanding public servant, Mr. Beute is a class act that will run the commission in the same efficient manner Bob did. Best wishes to both gentlemen. Dorr is lucky to have people of their metal in it’s service.

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