Dorr Plan Commission OKs 4 requests after hearings

The Dorr Township Planning Commission Tuesday night had four public hearings, all of which resulted in approval of requests.

The following is a rundown of all four hearings and requests:

  • One was about a proposed amendment to the township ordinance permitting and regulating mineral and extraction (mining) operations. Commissioner Larry Dolegowski commented, “We’ve talked about this ordinance for ten years, and now we’ve got one.” Permits will be limited to 12 months and renewal requests will be annual.
  • Recommended for approval by the Township Board next month was a request from Joe Kwiatkowski to rezone 89 acres from agricultural to rural estates at 146th Avenue and 22nd Street. It was noted that farming still would be a permitted use under this zoning.
  • A special use permit for Dave Van Dyken was approved for him for manufacture and sales of small firearms at a garage on his property at 1804 Railside Court. Any testing or firing of the weapons would have to be done off site.
  • A special use permit and site plan were approved for an equipment sales and repair business in the Dorr Commerce Center for Elite Properties LLC/Ryan Vannest. The firm will install an outdoor display and storage near the U.S.-131 expressway. A private road was included in the request.  

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