Army Bob: We’re actually a republic, not a democracy

by Robert M. Traxler

Are we a democracy or a republic? A good question; the word democracy does not appear in our Constitution or in the Declaration of Independence. A former columnist in this esteemed publication, Ranger Rick, pointed out this fact many years ago, and he was of course correct.

The argument can be made we are a representative democracy, but we cannot call ourselves a democracy. As Ranger Rick wrote, a democracy is chaos; the people can just vote themselves money, and whatever is popular at the time will become law. 

In a republic the people elect representatives and senators who read and study proposed laws and regulations, weigh them as to their good for all the nation, and working within our Constitution vote for or against a proposed bill. In a true democracy the east, gulf and west coast states with most of the population would oppress the minority, folks who refer to those of you reading this as being in “flyover country,” the area they fly over to get from one coast to the other.

The beauty of our form of government is that the tyranny of the majority does not always rule; the electoral college keeps things to some extent equal for large states and small states. If a person wishes to see our Constitution relegated to the ash heap of history, to open the door to socialism, a form of government that does not work and has never worked over time, certainly not as long as our republic, will come to pass. 

The progressive movement wishes to socialize our form of government; we need to ask them if they can read. Socialism never works, nor will it ever work over time. Tried hundreds of thousands of times in small instances, from communes of a few to the largest nation in the world, it failed, in the process murdering more than 60 million people. The Russian Federation and the Chinese government have dropped the socialist economic system in favor of limited capitalism, and both nations are thriving compared to the past. Even in the Russian Federation, with the sanctions imposed by our President when they invaded the Ukraine, GDP has grown at a rate of 3.4%, after our government told us it would be reduced by 2.5% due to the sanctions.

Capitalism, even limited capitalism, works; socialism fails, always. If the sanctions in place for over two years worked, why did President Putin win the last election (March 2024) by nearly 88%, up from 77% in the election before that one?

Army Bob Traxler

Our friends in the media are deaf and dumb about the sanctions because it is an embarrassing failure for our current government. The death of opposition leader Aleksei Navalny while in a Russian prison and President Biden telling us he was increasing sanctions on Russia, sanctions that will bring President Putin to his knees as he stated about the last two rounds of sanctions, do nothing. The Russian GDP is growing faster than ours. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. It is a diplomatic disaster that the media is ignoring to prop up President Biden and the Democrats.  

The folks who advocate for socialism will tell us the Constitution is a parchment document, a scrap of paper with no authority. The best example is the striking down of Roe v Wade in the Dobbs decision. Even the socialist icon the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said many times that the Roe v Wade decision was not constitutional, and if ever revisited would be struck down.

In order to socialize our nation, the Bill of Rights must be ignored. Our central government cannot be the all-knowing all powerful fair referee of every aspect of our existence with the Bill of Rights in force.

Roe v Wade could be made nationwide law with a constitutional amendment; the votes are available, with some 70% of Americans wanting to see some form of legal abortion. The socialist movement will not do it as it would prove that the Constitution works, something not acceptable to the socialists. 

If we are even allowed by the politically correct media to question our current government, we should ask what ever happened to the Russian sanctions, and why did President Putin win the last election by a landslide if sanctions are working? Of course, the cancel culture will not allow the question. My opinion.       


  • The fallacious argument and false equivalency distraction game continues. We can be sure that something detrimental to the illusory image and reputation of the false god of those who are rabidly self assured must have occurred again recently.

    Will the hoodwinked fan club attempt another effort at subverting our system of representative government(regardless of how one chooses to label it) after their messianic, authoritarian, kingpin of ignorance becomes a two time sore loser to the same weak candidate in addition to a multi-count convict?

    The illogical, reactionary, and superstitious rhetoric continues to mislead and escalate. Combine this with the reckless disregard for civility and lack of comprehension regarding how our government and society functions and we are left with a strong indicator that a detrimental tempest is likely. The rational individuals remaining on both sides with a stitch of reason left, ought to prepare for a potential tumultuous temper tantrum the likes of which have not been seen in modern advanced nations.

    • Mr. Baloney,
      Read your comment and ask yourself if you have what you refer to as a “reckless disregard for civility”. It would be strange if you considered yourself one of the “rational individuals” you speak of. Thanks for the comment.

      • RMT,

        I feel it is not only rational, it is also the civic duty and responsibility of a free citizen. To question, criticise, ridicule, and even condemn what they believe to be misinformed, unpatriotic, assumptive beliefs and even unhinged, tenets.

        I know that it is especially critical to oppose and expose intentional misdirection and obfuscation, even when formed from the best of intents or ideals.

        Unfortunately, it requires time and energy to objectively assess situations, critically think, process, and truly understand an entire reality. This requires an effort in intentionally seeking information outside of an information silo. It can be uncomfortable, the internal struggle that a previously held belief may be wrong is something a lot of people are unequipped to handle.

        This inability to think independently is exacerbated by the various media tribes and self congratulatory environments unable to tolerate questioning or dissent.

        For clarification, the majority of my castigation is not directed towards you personally. My opposition is to the prevalent cultist ideology that is eroding the fabric of unity and freedom, specifically the ability to independently question and contemplate, that this nation is founded upon. This is especially true when I do not directly address you specifically.

        It is significantly revealing, in the method that you respond to those of us in opposition, by shifting or attempting to remove the context of our language. Often conflating perceived alliances, while avoiding defending or further elaborating on the substance of the topic at hand. This is antithetical to the repeated proclamations that you are concerned with freedom of speech. Some may view it as cowardice, it is at a minimum avoidance and hypocritical. Focusing on the messenger rather than the actual message may feel productive, it effectively undermines the foundation of the initial opinion.

        If you expect to have the ability to pontificate unendingly on controversial subjects in an inflammatory, ill-informed manor, while only enjoying positive responses from admirers, you will be continually disappointed. Be prepared to suffer conflicting information, opposition, and attitudes that are unsupportive. I’d like to think you would be prepared to defend the belief or opinion, rather than assume it an attack on your honor or persona.

        I struggle to understand how an ideology that proclaims to be focused on freedom continually resorts to disingenuous claims of victim hood, and moves to silence or discredit opposition whenever the logic or detail of a position substantively fails on exploration. Knee jerk reactions toward the barer of dissent or blame shifting away from the subject belie the lack of footing in a mentality.

        The tactic of painting the entirety of any opposition to the cult of maga as marxist, leftist, progressive, communist, socialist, or any other misrepresentative terminology of irrational fear, reveals the blind allegiance of a gullible mark. The assumption that anyone who is not of a ride or die devotion to the continuation of the con, must be committed to the imagined enemy is an entirely false dichotomy.

        This is evidenced in many instances by the contentious objections from the many GOP members with rationality left in their souls. The list is long, and it includes the last two real, honest, capable Republican presidential candidates (JSM, WMR).

        Most recently, I found the courage and words of Ken Buck from Colorado particularly enlightening, his actions even more impressive.

        As the convictions roll in, and the grift becomes more glaringly evident. I predict that many more in possession of a shred of logic and a remnant of conscience, will have their “come to Jesus” moment of reckoning.

  • Mr. Baloney,
    Your assertions and blathering connects to the party you support. Dementia Joe continues to destroy our country and with your help (and other vote stuffing schemes like in 2020), he will succeed. Thank you Democrats for this disaster… aren’t you proud?

    • Believe what you must, BM.

      Much like the way you have misquoted me multiple times, you have again attempted to deform my repeated communication that I do not support the current figurehead.

      I believe that far too many dismiss the reality of the structure of our government. We do not have a king, this is certainly not a monarchy. I understand that taking the oversimplified, easy, lazy way out by putting all of one’s faith and support behind one individual may instill a spirit of allegiance and a feeling of righteousness. It is, however, wholly un-American and anti-constitutional. The blind faith, and unaware allegiance practiced by the cult of the conned is so pervasive they assume their perceived enemy to be just as numbly committed to any opposing candidate.

      You can continually attempt to curate my opinions, reshape others’ observations, and even ignore the facts and details of reality. Heck, you can even continue at attempts to tell people to only vote the way you choose, or not at all. Even if you choose to change your name every year or so, you still have the freedom to misinform, misrepresent, misconstrue, and even act a fool.

      In return, we have the freedom to ignore you, criticize your rhetoric, and even attack the lack of substance in your position. I find it absurdly ironic that you seem hell bent on silencing any contradiction to your sacred opinion. This is certainly not the behavior of someone who espouses patriotism, of which the key aspect is liberty.

      Perhaps you are only what is known as a troll, as it seems that the only real objective is as an agent of chaos, anger and spite.

      • So in your small mind there are two candidates; the cult of the conned or a delusion of dementia. According to your viewpoints, I presume you favor neither candidate.

        Good luck with that stance as I will take a “con man” any day to a dementia fool.

        That “con man” was the best president we ever had in regards to the following:
        No new wars
        Low inflation
        Low fuel prices
        Strong border security
        Getting NATO to pay up
        Making our enemies fear us
        Removing us from unfair treaties
        Removing us from Paris Accords
        More people working than ever
        Moving embassy to Jerusalem
        Selecting constitutional judges
        More minorities and women employed than ever
        Rising wages without inflation

        These are but a few of the major advances and improvements under the “con man”

        You know the debacle we have with dementia President Joe Biden. We see it every day on the news of death and destruction caused by illegal aliens invading our country, drugs pouring in, people living on the streets, crime unpunished by liberal prosecutors and judges, police afraid to do their jobs for fear of prosecution. Inflation eating up $11,200 more per year on average. Electric vehicle debacle, making people reluctant to buy a boat anchor or cigarette lighter.
        Allowing children to disfigure their bodies because of sexual disphoria before the age of a fully formed brain.
        I know you say you don’t claim support either for president, but will you vote? Maybe Kennedy will entice you to mark the ballot for him? You are an enigma, a wraith on the wind, or just a over bloviating blowhard? Which is it?

        • Wow look at what the MAGA kool aid can do to the brain. The only one doing better 4 years ago was tRump!!

          • Mr. Longstreet,
            Your typical response was expected. You do not disappoint.
            Thank you for your refined, well thought out, and Democrat centered eccentric response. I commend you for your extensive efforts.

        • BM,

          Just touching on the reality of the inflation situation, as I briefly highlighted the facts and mechanism of monetary inflation previously.

          A trade war was initiated by the previous administration. Raising the price of many imported goods from China, this effectively taxed US citizens an average of 20 to 50% on a number of necessary items.

          Deals were made with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for personal gain benefitting the immediate Trump/Kushner family. This corrupt action resulted in a steady climb in fuel costs over a five year period starting right after the “sword dance”.

          The current administration has implemented policies including record setting domestic oil production which has drastically lowered fuel prices over the last two years. Have you not seen the price drops?

          A mishandling of the initial outbreak and dismissal of the pandemic playbook which was formed by experts over the last decade, resulted in the largest supply chain disruption and shortfall ever seen in modern times.

          In the spring of 2020, the Treasury Secretary appointed by DJT, who’s experience was as a movie producer, signed off on the largest amount of cash ever “printed” in history. This cash was distributed primarily to businesses that were not actually hurting. Combined with the multiple stimulus checks signed by the previous president, a plethora of “instant money” was instantly competing for an already limited amount of goods.

          These actions, mismanaged events, and lack of fundamental understanding of what tariffs do to the US economy created the largest spike in inflation we have seen since “Reaganomics”.

          Repeating a lie, no matter how loudly or repetitively, DOES NOT alter reality, history, or the facts of the matter. The repeated attempts at blame shifting are hollow and lacking of substance and evidence.

          I could continue refuting your points, however it would be far more productive if you could step outside of the filter bubble you live in, open your eyes, and do some actual research. It will likely help you more than the ignorant, repetitive, responses.

          • As usual, Mr. Baloney, you live up to your name.

            The tariff enacted on some Chinese goods leveled the playing field, President Trump saw the pricing and competition disparity and did something about it. Very little inflation transpired during Trump’s time in office because of his swift and needed action. The Chinese acquiesced to the tariffs.

            As for fuel prices, you must be kidding! When I bought gas the day of the 2020 election, gas was $1.87 per gal. After Biden’s Executive Orders decimating the energy businesses, gas shot up quickly. Now it is averaging $3.68 per gallon as of today (3/24). That is a difference of $1.81 per gal. more we have to pay from our already shrinking dollar because of Biden inflation. The U.S. is also paying double to replenish the strategic oil reserve because of Biden’s short-sighted effort to lower fuel prices by lowering the reserve to help lower prices for a few weeks. Average of 15 cents per gallon savings for two weeks!!!

            You know inflation was caused by the Covid relief because of the Chinese pandemic ( paying people to stay home and helping businesses stay solvent). That was bad enough to shoot inflation up, then Biden wanted the infrastructure bill, further jacking up inflation. The money printing machine was printing debt on steroids, allowing inflation to explode. The economic expert you purport to be, inflation is created by government because of too much money chasing not enough goods and services. Inflation results. This is entirely all Biden’s fault.

            The invasion from the southern border continues because of Biden and his border policies and a willing stooge in Myorkas. Millions have been allowed in with untold numbers of “got-aways”. The drugs coming over and the resulting overdoses among young people kill 75,000 per year. All on Biden’s watch.

            As you say, you can lie or distort the facts as you seem to do, but no problem, you’re a “Progressive” whose essence seems to be lie and steal to get what will satisfy your goals and desires. Your president won, much to the detriment to the citizens bearing the brunt of his dementia decisions.

            You evidently prefer chaos over law and order.

    • DTOM, your confusion has come to light again. I think the proof is out there in a recent conversation with Dr. John Gartner, a prominent psychologist and contributor to the bestselling book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” The former faculty member at Johns Hopkins University that based on Trump’s speech, memory, recall and other behavior, he appears to be “hypomanic” and cognitively deteriorating at a rapid rate.
      Only time will tell when they start propping him up so he can glaze at the crowd while a old recording of one of his rants is played for the cult members.

      • I understand BM,

        You have bought into and made a commitment with, the alternative facts universe. The sunk cost fallacy can make it extremely difficult to reevaluate these significant contributions.

        It is undeniable that you have been trumped up. While this quixotic ideal can be alluring, this fools paradise is entirely a delusive contentment.

        Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you on the path to recovery. They will only be effective if you are able to open up your mind, and be honest with yourself.

        • With President Trump we had 4 years of peace, no new wars. We had low inflation, people employed, and men and women knew what gender they were.

          We had respect on the world stage because we had a real leader, one who didn’t bluff and cry foul. Russia, N. Korea, China, and all the Middle East factions were stymied. They were in check with Trump.

          Now we had dementia Joey and his inept administration. Wars all over and we are sending American taxpayer dollars to fund them. This is not leadership, the wars would not have happened under Trump and everyone knows it. But with Joey in charge, they ignore us. Joe has always been wrong as a Senator, VP, and President! He is a blubbering , incoherent disaster. The Democrats are crapping their pants knowing this guy isn’t wanted nor is his VP up to leading.
          Good luck in November with the cheating again!

  • I am not a democrat Bass Man. If the GOP had an honest decent candidate, I would vote for him or her. Not the case. Keep sending your grocery money for Trump’s legal bills Ha Ha!

  • Both candidates are flawed but one has no morals and that is terrifying.
    Tony Baloney I’m glad you are on our side.

  • Thank You D,

    I appreciate the kind intent. However, I believe the team sport mindset or winner vs loser “side” viewpoint is a primary detrimental factor in the situation we face. The immature partisan “battle” is holding us back from our full potential. I believe that everyone in the US is in the same boat and ought to be on the same team ultimately. This could even be extrapolated out to the entire planet if more folks were able to look to the horizon.

    The political promoters have capitalized on the prevalent methods of social media marketing. This has hindered most individuals’ ability to independently evaluate and practice discernment. The brand loyalty pitfall of the western psyche, and the desire for self-assured satisfaction of choice, have reduced most thought processes into a true or false, A or B, correct or incorrect, false mentality default.

    While I agree both currently leading candidates are flawed, so is every other human, of course. I’m concerned by the rabid activity from the crowd that blindly denies this reality. The efforts of ignoring glaring red flags of charlatanism, while simultaneously proclaiming their adored celebrity is the only one who can save us makes it impossible to ignore to the parallels from history a century ago.

    If the election was next week I would certainly vote for the leading Democratic candidate, with the belief that it is the only option to prevent a dictatorial take over of this nation. The reality is that we have several months left. With the age pressure and level of stress that both leading candidates are under it is a high percentage of likelihood one or both of them might not even be with us in November.

    I can not even begin to speculate on the legal status of DJT in the future. The apparent lack of alternative or backup, combined with the general disorder and ineptitude from the right is beyond troubling.

    Another wild card factor is RFK Jr. At this point, he is viewed as a potential spoiler candidate, with the ability to take away more votes from the right. I have only heard him speak a few times, most of it sounds refreshing and could be what we need to move forward in a more healthy and united fashion. Many of the traditional, paid, media circles on both ends seem to do everything they can to discredit, silence and disparage him. This alone may be viewed as a powerful indicator.

    I will be studying this third potential candidate going forward. Admittedly, I have much more “homework” to do. I encourage others to honestly do their own due diligence on all realistically possible candidates.

    It will be interesting, to say the least, to witness the manner in which this entire situation plays out.

    • I stand by my comments, and I do so without the unnecessary verbosity. They are flawed as candidates and, like it or not we are not, in this election there are winners and losers. Of course we wish it wasn’t so but there you have it.

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