Martin’s Austin Marsman is running for state rep.

Austin Marsman
Rep. Matt Hall

For those who wondered what happened to Martin Board of Education member Austin Marsman after he resigned last year, the young man has moved to Plainwell and now is the Democratic candidate for state presentative from the 42nd District.

Marsman, a Martin High School graduate, is challenging incumbent Republican Matt Hall, who is seeking his third two-year term. Rick Cutshaw also has filed to run as a Republican candidate.

Marsman, who also has served on a special committee handling the Allegan County high-speed Internet project, has had a longtime interest in the political arena, despite his youth. He even was elected to the student senate during his freshman year at Grand Valley State University.

Rep. Matt Hall is seeking his third two-year term as state representative. The 42nd House District includes portions of northern Kalamazoo County, Alamo, Cooper and Richland townships, and southern Allegan counties, Otsego and Plainwell and Gun Plains townships.

Hall is serving as House Republican leader for the 2023-2024 term. In his first term, he chaired the House Oversight Committee and served as chair of the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hall’s colleagues elected him Republican caucus chair. during his second term, and he presided over the House Tax Policy Committee. The National Federation of Independent Business recognized him as a Guardian of Small Business, and the Michigan Manufacturers Association named him Legislator of the Year.

Key issues already mentioned by Marsman include Hall’s insistence the 2020 election was rigged against Donald Trump, Hall’s positions on abortion rights and his continued defense of gun rights.


  • I see the lead photo shows Austin Marsman arm in arm with Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

    I wonder if Austin also supported putting positive covid patients in nursing homes killing many of our elderly senior citizens. I see that he supports the killing of the unborn babies or fetus as some refer to the life of the child. I am guessing that it makes no difference however I will let him speak to this if he chooses.

    Regardless it’s all over in 2030……..


  • Mr. Marsman is a Democrat political hack like Granholm and Whitmer. He knows nothing about how the world works, just how to spend taxpayer dollars for the benefit of useless Democrat policies and programs that do nothing to help the taxpayers. There was never an idiotic Democrat idea he wasn’t for.
    He loves abortion at any time and wants to abolish your right to legal firearms ownership. We need Marsman like a hole in the head.

  • What a pair.

    Mr. Wilkens and Bass Man, two election deniers, COVID deniers, fans of Ivermectin and two “fiscally conservative” anti-abortion supporters who support candidates who continually attempt defunding social safety nets along with the latest versions of Just Say No to (fill in the blank). Contrary to what many GOP voters believe, life isn’t that simple. Solutions aren’t simple and aren’t contained in 15 to 30 second sound bites or slogans.

    Folks like Wilkens, Bass Man and the politicians they support want us all to care about the “unborn” regardless of the gestational timeline, health of the mother, if the pregnancy came about thru rape or incest. Once those children are out of the womb they’re on their own and the narrative becomes one about their parent(s) responsibility and later the child picking themselves up by their own bootstraps. Doesn’t matter if they can’t afford the boots.

    Economies are cyclical. Yet the GOP tax cut mantra has been supported by Representative Hall since he was elected. Economy is growing? Cut taxes! Economy is shrinking? Cut taxes!

    I would like to know if Representative Hall thinks former President Trump was screwed in 2020 in Michigan’s Electoral College because alternate members who going to vote contrary to what the November Election results indicated votes weren’t accepted. I would like to know if Representative Hall supported the Jan 6 2021 protestors who stormed the Capital attempting to delay the Electoral College process. I would like to know if Representative Hall agrees with Representative Smit in recognizing the Null Brothers for being found not guilty in the plot to kidnap a sitting governor.

    Mr Marsman is going to be the Democratic Party’s candidate on the ballot. Questions will be asked of both candidates. Hopefully questions about the trustworthiness of the election process will be asked of both candidates. I’ll be interested to see if incumbent Hall is of the belief election results can only be trusted when GOP candidates win.

    And so it goes

    • Very well stated C,

      Logical, fact-based, and relevant.
      Free from speculation and irrational fear.

      Questions are often far more revealing and productive than opinions. Especially ill-informed, emotionally based opinions.

      When the ignorantly self assured, angry, and superstitious ignore a relevant question, it can be far more telling than what they actually say.

  • WOW! You ask a couple of questions of a up and coming candidate and end up poking a raging bear. I do understand that a question is posed for clarification to make sure the voter has the information they need to make sound decisions. Some want to quietly want to sweep the facts underneath the carpet and pretend they do not exist.

    My liberal progressive friends want abortion to be available for a healthy Mother and Baby (fetus) up until the moment of birth with ZERO restrictions and I believe this is sick. This is currently available in seven states with the liberals wanting it available in all states. They don’t even sedate the unborn baby (fetus) when they start ripping the healthy unborn apart piece by piece right up until the moment of birth. Some of my liberal friends claim they can’t afford the cost of the child so let’s just kill the baby. The government has and is willing to support anyone including the 10-12 illegals flooding into our country. I guess we could use this senseless argument with the geriatrics category in our country. If these old people can’t take of themselves financially flush them as well? Maybe this is why we put covid positive patients in nursing homes………….Did taking the vaccine prevent us from getting covid? No. Did the vaccine prevent us from spreading the virus like the experts told us? No.

    So, it still begs the questions, does our up and rising candidate Austin Marsman support no restriction abortion up to the moment of birth? Does the young and hopeful candidate support moving covid (yes, the virus was real and deadly) positive patients in nursing homes? These really are simple questions that a candidate should be able to answer.

    2030 simply can’t come soon enough!


  • I appreciate the youth and enthusiasm that Mr. Marsman brings to our neighboring district. Too bad Austin Marsman is just over the line in Mr. Huizinga’s district. I’m tired of old white men thinking they get to have an opinion on what happens in the ob/gyn office of any woman. (Just so you know, I’m of an age that it doesn’t matter to my health and well-being)
    Austin Marsman has already accomplished much in his young career-solar power in Martin Schools & helping to bring high speed internet to our rural community. I plan to support him in his endeavors!

  • Look, the kid is running as a Dem. I’m sure he knows his chances are slim to none. Instead of beating him down, maybe instead you should show some class and give cogent reasons why your views are superior? Try to win hearts and minds instead of spiking the football. Show some class and encourage the next generation to be active, even if they disagree.

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