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Theft of 3 vehicles reported in downtown of Martin

A Facebook poster today reported that the community of Martin is being plagued by thieves, breaking into homes and stealing vehicles from yards in downtown Martin. One resident had his things taken out of his home and three vehicles have been stolen. Police have been notified, but, ” and we need help catching these people. The vehicles are a 1987’ two-wheel drive white Dodge and a blue Chevy extreme dark blue, the other a Volkswagen raspberry red kickcar.

“So if you see any of these, let us know ASAP.

Later in the day, James Laster of Martin posted, “I’m the one who bought those cars in Martin people say they are stolen. I paid $2100 for three cars with title and receipt. I just bought the cars like a normal person would, so I don’t understand why people causing trouble with me. The cops have been here and talked with me I showed them the titles and receipt.”

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