Army Bob: We are being controlled by language

by Robert M. Traxler

George Orwell warned in his book “1984” that language is used to control the people.

“He who controls the language controls the masses: ” Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, a favorite of the socialist/progressive folks. 

Violate the law and if you are a politically incorrect felon, the mainstream media will call you not a criminal, but a terrorist or a radical extremist, a religious zealot. If you are a politically correct criminal, you are a victim of an oppressive society, who needs forgiveness, not punishment.  

Let’s look at the evolution of the term “illegal alien.” the socialist movement preached “no human is illegal;” ah, yeah they are, if they cross our border illegally, they are illegal. Politically correct speech dropped the word illegal, just referring to alien, undocumented, asylum seekers, immigrants now migrants; millions of potential progressive voters are not illegal, they cannot be, if as in some blue states, they can vote in local elections, with the goal being voting in national elections.   

The classic definition of a recession is two quarters of a negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Well we now have two quarters of a negative GDP. Is it a recession? Yes it is, but not according to the woke/socialist/progressives in the media. It is not because we have low unemployment, a new metric never used before, but a politically correct lie, just an out-and-out untruth, socially accepted by the media but wrong, changing the language.

Nothing new here; the progressive own 90% of the media, so they own the language just as Mr. Orwell warned and Mr. Alinsky advocated.

Is it any wonder we have a movement to call a man a non-birthing person, a biological woman a man, a person with a penis and testicles, 1X and 1Y chromosome, male DNA, a woman capable of giving birth? So, redefining the definition of a recession is not a stretch; call it what they may, but ask yourself: are you better off than you were a year and a half ago? Probably not, for most people.

We all shop for food and fuel, and other necessities of life and they are moving out of our economic reach, more and more every day. The people who control the government and the language tell us it is not their fault; it is President Putin’s, the corporations, the supply chain, the gas station owners, farmers, former President Trump, Covid-19, anyone and everything, just not them, not them even slightly. The massive spending the government launched into in President Biden’s first year and President Trump’s last year had nothing to do with it.  

The wordsmiths tell us that we do not want equality, we want equity, not equal opportunity but equal outcome; the words are close, but the difference is massive. Equal opportunity has been the correct term, the noble goal for six decades, but not for the disciples of Mr. Alinsky, who have changed the language from opportunity to outcome, a more socialist term on the way to government control over more and more of our lives. Everyone having the opportunity to make a good living through hard work and honesty is bad, even racist, sexist, homophobic and a few more phobias.   

Army Bob Traxler

The label of science denier is used to couple those who dare question the science of what has evolved from global cooling, acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer, global warming to global climate change with holocaust deniers, and by extension Nazis. A person who asks a question is labeled as a “damned science denier.” Questions are not allowed in a progressive nation, the language is holy a belief system and meant to be unquestioned. 

We now have the “inflation reduction act” on its way to passing: as Albert Einstein famously said, the truest form of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. Out-of-control spending got us into this recession and the socialists are spending even more.

And to the progressives, raise taxes on the business and corporations and they will pass it on to you and me, costing us more and extending the recession. If you object to the inflationary “inflation reduction act,” you want to see old people dying in the streets for the lack of medication, and the children die from global climate change.

“He who controls the language controls the masses,” so, we are not in a recession. Ah, yes we are. Never forget that high fuel prices are good because it forces us into electric vehicles, according to Peter Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation. My opinion.


  • “The label of science denier is used to couple those who dare question the science of what has evolved from global cooling, acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer, global warming to global climate change with holocaust deniers, and by extension Nazis. ”

    Yet, those very same people deny that a person with a penis is a man, as science describes them. Go Figure!! LOL!!

    • To the Bob’s:

      Stop it already with those pesky facts! It’s getting to the point that AZ and 2030 have nothing to stand on………..So sad for them. Let’s not talk about the science……….

      Excellent work men!!


  • Mr. Moras,
    Go figure indeed, it does make us laugh and shake our heads in disbelief.
    Thanks for the comment.

  • If only it was obvious that definitions are anything but static or resolute, we could move forward with greater efficiency, potentially evolving beyond our polarized perspective of misunderstandings.

    Initially, It seems reasonable to fear and have apprehension to the seemingly intentional disregard of nomenclature.

    I believe that you are well aware of the history of definitive language. Not only in its inevitable variability due to a variety of nuances including the progression of time. But especially in its manipulative use by political operators since the dawn of Plato’s Noble Lie.

    Misunderstanding is the manipulative tool that most media and major political interests use as the mechanism of enticement, distraction, division, and outright control.

    Aside from the reality of legal definitions (also appearing to hold a degree of variability). The assumption that any one group or individual holds the absolute context of a term is not only tragic, it is antithetical to liberty.

    The manipulation of terminology is what has driven the execution of the worst atrocities of human history. All it takes is the mechanism of other-ing -blame and most importantly LABEL a specific or opposing group for the ills of society, and we are off to the races. “If we can just get rid of, or take the share of control away from the others, all will be fine”.

    Whether aware of it or not, it is far too easy and simplistic to “carry the torch” of the political blame game. It may make one feel superior, but it is never a path to any real accomplishment.

    Whip the horse all you want, it has been dead for some time. Shameful how so many are distracted and misled by political interests away from reality.

    Please forgive the length of my thoughts, and the broad use of elaborate terminology. It is only an attempt at a conveyance of one’s understanding and concerns, not unlike any other imperfect communication.

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