Election postscript: About Trump, school bond loss

ACHTUNG: This is not a “fair and balanced” article. It is an editorial by the editor.

Like most elections, Tuesday’s primary afforded us with some fascinating data and possibilities.

Perhaps most interesting is the debate over how much influence former President Donald Trump still has over the Republican Party. On the one hand, he went undefeated in this area, with candidates Trump supported sweeping five races. On the other hand, some believe John Gibbs’ Third District Congress win over incumbent Peter Meijer was the result of Democrats crossing over to back a candidate they believe is easier to beat in November.

It’s probably both.

But Trump’s “kingmaker” status also was unblemished in the other races closer to home. Victorious State Rep. candidates Rachelle Smit and Angela Rigas were endorsed, with both making that fact very public during their campaigns.

As I opined last month, public officials hungrily seeking the blessing of a man who tried to overthrow the United States government proves the sorry state to which our political system has deteriorated. The two-party system is toxic and too many Republicans have become toadies of a mentally ill narcissist, loyal to a man and the party more than the country.

I too was disappointed with the results of the Wayland Union Schools’ $48.5 million bond issue, which went down by about a 52%-48% defeat. The startling stats shown in the accompanying graphic mirrors the urban-rural divide that exists in the United States of America today.

Dorr, Leighton, Yankee Springs and Hopkins townships rejected the proposal, sometimes by wide margins. Meanwhile, the City of Wayland and Wayland Township were in support.

Interestingly, those opposed kept quiet publicly about their intentions while supporters where very much in the public eye. And Assistant Supt. for Finance and Operations Patricia Velie did her best to explain there would be no increase in taxes and the bond was about more than just a new pool.

But it was not to be.

I will not be surprised in the least if the Wayland Board of Education decides to try again in the Nov. 8 general election, which promises to cause a much larger voter turnout because of the statewide races and the ballot question about abortion.

Some naysayers will taunt board members with the overdone “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” But the board would be derelict of its duty not to ask again under better electoral conditions.

Kudos to newcomer Scott Beltman, who unseated incumbent County Commissioner Max Thiele in the Fourth District. Apparently it didn’t hurt him at all to champion a county-wide ORV ordinance that turned out to be successful. He reaped further rewards in becoming known and being a winner.   

13 thoughts on “Election postscript: About Trump, school bond loss”

  1. “But the board would be derelict of its duty not to ask again under better electoral conditions.”

    Really? I thought it was the responsibility of the elected to be a voice for their constituents. The majority voted. If the elected doesn’t listen to their constituents they are only serving themselves. No worries the WUS board will run this again in November.

    The only thing better than Fred Upton “retiring” (because Huizenga was going beat him) was Peter Meijer going down……..Meijer outspent Gibbs 3 million to Gibbs 500,000 Great race, awesome outcome………


  2. Just an ol' farmboy

    Mr. Young,
    Once again we listen to your whining because things did not turn out the way you wished for with devisive comment touting the “urban – rural divide”. Hey , now it’s not good enough to constantly fan the growing political hatred you have to attempt to drive a wedge between the city folks and the country folks. Now that’s responsible journalism if I’ve ever seen it. What does this school vote going down tell me? Maybe the good people of the Wayland school district are tiring of paying extra for all of the “fluff” and wouldn’t mind getting back to the basics. Oh I am sure this pool thing will show up again until the powers to be brow beat everyone into submission, I have seen it many times before, but if I could make a suggestion to the school board. Save your pennies! Stop spending everything you bring in frivolously and budget for a new pool! You have known for 48 dang years that this pool was going to give out but yet you have NOTHING IN THE BANK TO SHOW FOR IT! I would love to see a law on the books not allowing another vote on an issue like this for a minimum of 4 years so we could have a litle relief once in a while. As for seeing this on the ballot again in November, sit down and figure what this failed attempt cost you, start a special bank account and put an equal amount of money into that account that was just spent on this past failed attempt and you will have the seed money for your future pool. Amazing how that works.
    Just saying.

    1. Old farm boy, I agree with you……….sort of. You see part of the dilemma is that the state will not allow any public school district to have over a certain percentage of their overall budget in “cash” or savings. Ever heard of the “rainy day fund”? Well, it has a cap! If you go over that cap when the state audits your books, they will short fund you by that amount in your next state aid payment. Sad but true.

  3. If Democrats crossed over to vote for Gibbs, the joke is on them. He will win bigger in November than Meijer would have. Ooops!

  4. Robert M Traxler

    Mr. Editor,
    “The two-party system is toxic and too many Republicans have become toadies of a mentally ill narcissist, loyal to a man and the party more than the country.” Wow, careful or you will need to cancel yourself, like you did Mr. DTOM. Also, when Senator Manchin did not support the Democratic party, the Progressive movement and media called him a traitor to the nation, for not being loyal to the Democratic Party? Oh, and did you not tell us all to support the Democrats and send them money, after Dobbs v. Jackson? blind loyalty to a party over the Constitution or nation regardless of who they are or their stand on all issues, support Democrats regardless? Blind loyalty to a party? You be the judge

  5. Dennis Longstreet

    Dave, loyalty to party and loyalty to a Lunatic are oceans apart. I think you canceled DTOM because of the way he treated other commenters not his views. Do all Senators have to follow suit? What did we hire, a bunch of clones? Loyalty to one Man sounds a lot like Hitler. A traitor to the nation would back or start an insurrection at the capitol!! Blind loyalty — look at the freshman GOP and make up your own mind.

    1. So true, Dennis, the big difference is if we elected a Democratic leader who pulled the shit Trump did, I can guarantee we would NEVER vote for that person again. And it’s pretty clear they’ll stick with a psychopath, be it their president, congressperson or senator.


  6. Typical response from the famous Three and quite the difference between Mrs Young’s and Mrs Dykstras stories on being poll workers. And never seen one comment from the list of these guys ever responding to those stories with a thank you for your service. It makes me wonder if they even voted.

  7. I have a big question for Mr Traxler, Mr Wilkens, farm boy and MacDougal, Ryan Kelly is contesting the outcome of the Republicans primary election so how come their isn’t a state wide effort to recount the ballots? And do you support his validity if not why?

    1. I do not support it, at all.

      Why? I trust elections and never supported any violence against anyone. Ever.

      I wonder why the left never seemed that bothered by all the riots, chop zones and defund the police nonsense. We saw violent mayhem where a retired police officer was killed in cold blood. Probably a little slow to condemn the “fiery but peaceful” utter lawlessnes because chaos and violence only serve the people that want to control everything.

      Everything we say, drive, buy and think. Democrats used to be the party of free speech and true liberty. Things have taken an ironic turn haven’t they?

      1. So then your saying president Biden is your president fair enough, and we do condem violence be it from right wing militias or insurrectionists at the capital building, but what that has to do with the question is the typical response I was expecting. And to act like these protests and riots are so appalling I would suggest you take a look at the history of this country especially the 19th century. Here are just a few the orange riots 1870, Colfax riots 1873, and it won’t be the last time we experience people protesting for their beliefs.

  8. Steve Denniston

    It appears that WUS is being a copycat of the federal government. How? By simply adding more debt for future generations to pay. The problem is, when payments must be made for this bond years into the future, and the time comes when aging buildings desperately need replaced or updated, the district will be so in debt from “kicking the can down the road” that they will struggle to get voter support. I think more people would have been supportive if the bond was for replacing infrastructure that supports teaching and learning instead of luxuries like a pool. Students from hundreds of school districts that do not have a pool have graduated and succeeded in life. A pool is not the key to success in life.

  9. There were some issues … in 1978. I’m not sure who the big complaints sourced. The early complaints I believe were concerning the location of a secondary junior and high school in Dorr. It was a small community growing all the time. Even my brothers oldest son attended WHS. With the two of us, we coached football, baseball and even rewarded some of our students on WZZM for the Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy program.
    True, sometimes we were jelalous of the lighted football stadium for Rocket league ball.
    Later I was elected to the Dorr Planning commission for a few years. Helpful for a growing community. Then later I was elected to the Wayland Union Public Schools. I was a member for 10 years and watched the high school improve, but even better, we built the new middle school and transportation facilities. Also improvements for the other schools, including the Dorr Elementary school.
    The major beef here was the pool replacement and other items that were necessary to improve the school system for ALL the children.
    The swim teams of old were great and competitive. When the pool came to disrepair it was time to improve without increasing our taxes.
    If you did not check out the schools from bottom to top, you missed the best part.
    Reconsider please, my children are now from 48 to 52 years old. They all loved the WUS system.
    Give the youngsters a break and open the doors the next time it returns for a chance make the system even better!

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