Army Bob: Stop saying ‘human,’ ‘history,’ ‘mankind,’ and ‘man’

Army Bob SalutesThe politically correct left strikes again: the University of North Carolina, not Berkley or the California higher education system, but a relative conservative southern state, has banned the vile hate-filled word “man.” Man can no longer be used to refer to the human race, oh shoot, human has “man” in it.

History tells us, there I go again history has “his” in it and has derived from his story. Is this the end of mankind, darn it there I go again, person kind? No, is it silly absolutely dumb and a very good example of the tyranny of the radically progressive movement.

This policy is so juvenile, so harebrained, that only the cloistered marionettes in the higher education system could truly believe it a necessary path to travel. The great works of our history will need to be rewritten: the Bible, Shakespeare, our Constitution, The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine, and millions of works throughout the millennia.

The politically correct movement appears so harmless and just plain weird we should not concern ourselves over its teachings. The problem is that at a college or university, the professors are considered darn near deities by the very impressionable young students. Our nation now has college attendance figures that rival high scBob Traxler_0hools; a few high schools have 100% college attendance rates and the average is north of 70% of high school graduates attend some college.

The social educational power of the college quickly outstrips the family, church and community. The choices we found in past generations, deciding if you spent time in the military before or after college, are over; the military is less than one half of one percent of the nation, and most young folks do not even consider the military and attend some college.

Teaching our young that small silly things are important, and that your grade and success in years of college is based on group think, is the goal of the left and politically correct progressives. Military training has long been based on teaching attention to small details as to increase the importance of the larger ones. If a small amount of dirt on the exterior of a weapon is a violation, carbon on the bolt is now a major offense. If a student is taught that using inconsequential politically incorrect language is bad (as defined by the Socialist left), it becomes easy to get them to accept the folly of American values and our way of life.

Former Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a conservative growing up, a “Goldwater Girl” and her family Republicans. She went to college, became a radical left-winger, and then later in life mugged by the reality of life moved a good bit to the center. Mrs. Clinton spent a portion of her youth defending despicable folks who murdered police officers and was vocally anti-American. She became more of a centrist later in life and is now economically only slightly left of center. A multi-millionaire, she operates in the same circles as Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton is an example of the evolution from conservative to college student trained and indoctrinated to be a Progressive/Socialist, and only after being mugged by the reality of life, becoming less radical.

The millions of youngsters attending college are similar to military recruits: both find themselves in a new environment that changes the way they think. Colleges, universities and the military use the human need to fit in as a tool to foster group think and unity of thought. The ultimate goal of the military is the defense of our nation and our way of life; the goal of much of our higher education system is the destruction of our way of life, our political system and our constitution. The language police are a portion of the enforcement arm of the politically correct Socialists on campus; they are the drill sergeants in the Army of the hate-filled anti-American left.

Got to admire the American Socialist movement; they are organizing the destruction of our way of life and we are paying them to do it. Our youth are going deeply into debt to fund the enemies of our constitution. We are all being taxed to provide the educational elite an upper-class capitalist way of life so that many of them can preach hate and disdain for capitalism and our nation; a good gig if you can get it.

The pending presidential election will boil down to Mrs. Clinton vs. someone slightly right of center. Our choice will be slightly left or slightly right of center. Mr. Trump vs. Senator Bernie Sanders would be a choice of left vs. right but that will not be allowed to happen by the elite media class and the bureaucratic classes.

2 thoughts on “Army Bob: Stop saying ‘human,’ ‘history,’ ‘mankind,’ and ‘man’”

  1. Free Market Man

    As much as I like Army Bob’s articles, I believe he is naïve about Mrs. Clinton and her far left ways. She is a committed Marxist, just like President Obama, just that she is a stealth Marxist, keeping her contempt and hate for capitalism, hard work, and advancement to the deserving under wraps.
    It’s guaranteed if Mrs. Clinton is elected, she will be as terrible as President Obama in policy and initiatives or worse. You can kiss America as you knew it goodbye. And Bill Clinton will keep on with his indiscretions with other women, as he has since leaving the White House.
    Until we have a White House and Congress working for the American people and following the Constitution will we have progress, jobs, peace and paying down of debt. Until then, chaos reigns.

    1. Robert M Traxler

      Ok Free Market man how do you really feel? Don’t sugar coat it.
      I always know your stand on issues, thanks for the comment.

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