General RV wins site plan approval for fuel island

The Wayland City Planning Commission Tuesday night approved General RV’s site plan proposal with a condition that the local fire chief or someone from the fire department give their blessing as well.

Tony Sutton, operations manager of the recreation vehicle dealer, told the commission the plan for a fuel island does not include customer use. The island would be for employees only.

“We just want to know if this is the proper location (for the island),” he said.

Jason Derry, representing Professional Code Inspections, said, “This is not a huge change to the General RV site, but because it’s above ground and involves fuel, it’s best we get some eyes on this request.”

Perhaps the most important eyes would bet from the fire department in order to avoid possible public safety or environmental troubles.

Commissioner Anne Tateau said. “We certainly don’t want to cause any environmental issues.”

The vote to approve the site plan was 5-0.

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