Hopkins grad recovering from serious Fla. accident

Carsen DeLao

Hopkins High School graduate Carsen Paul DeLaO was injured in a serious motorized longboard accident on Sunday, March 26th, in his now hometown of Ft. Pierce, Fla.

He was with close friends, Matt and Ashtyn, both of whom helped save his life, also due to Ashtyn’s quick thinking and RN background. 

While traveling on his longboard, Carsen took a fall and hit the back of his head. 911 was called and arrived quickly. The decision was made almost immediately to intubate him in the field, then he was life flighted to Lawnwood Hospital in Ft. Pierce. 

A team of trauma surgeons, doctors and nurses handled him in emergency surgery. in a race against the swelling in Carsen’s brain, which at this point was only getting worse. The final outcome was to remove a portion of the top of his skull and a portion of the right side of his skull to alleviate the mounting pressure.

With the surgery complete, Carsen was still intubated and sedated, but stable, with good vital signs.  Once his mother (Sandy) and father (Orly) arrived from Wayland Alaska, they met with the trauma surgeon. He made the decision Sunday night to let Carsen rest, and they would do a repeat CT scan Monday morning (3/27) to assess the swelling etc.

Sandy reported Carsen is beginning a long journey to recovery. “He is by far not out of the woods, but we all know how strong he is, a

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