Leighton Twp. has quasi hearing on air strip PUD

Clark Galloway

The Leighton Township Board Thursday evening held a public hearing on the Galloway Landings air park project expansion, but only took comments from four residents and made no decision.

Township Supervisor Steve Wolbrink said it would be illegal for the board to vote on the Planning Commission’s recommendation so soon, but a more extensive hearing will take place next month at the May 2 meeting.

Clark Galloway, proprietor of the air park, won township approval for establishing the park in 2017 and now he is seeking approval for a planned unit development (PUD). He appeared before the Planning Commission and Township Board last year to ask for approval for a longer runway, extended hours and paving it with asphalt.

One of the four to comment was Kate Scheltema, co-owner of a horse farm next door, who has been the most vocal critic against Galloway’s project. Though the matter was settled in the August 2018 primary election referendum, she appeared again before the Township Board Thursday evening to ask for a copy of the Planning Commission’s recommendation. Her request was granted.

“We’re starting to see a lot more traffic over the farm, the barn and pasture,” she told board members last fall, adding she remains concerned about the planes agitating the horses and presenting a safety issue.

Three other neighbors of the park added their opposition, insisting the planes are too noisy. One woman, who said she recently was released from a hospital, experienced her house shaking as a result of the noise from the planes.

Another woman angrily suggested the board is more concerned about Galloway’s rights than nearby property owners.

1 thought on “Leighton Twp. has quasi hearing on air strip PUD”

  1. Just an ol' farmboy

    Well you all gave him an inch and now he wants the mile.
    Imagine that!
    What’s next? Green Lake international Airport?

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